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14 September 1999

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Carol Devine-Molin, Associate Editor


Carol passed away in New York April 5, 2012 of complications due to pancreatic cancer. The American Partisan extends our condolences to her family and loved ones over the loss of our colleague and friend. She will be missed. ***

We remember with thanks and gratitude those participating in or supporting Operations "Enduring Freedom," "Infinite Justice," and "Noble Eagle"
Reader's Corner


Take a look and see what our readers have to say about what you see here in TAP and use this as a chance to tell us or even to tell us off!


Ronald Reagan, (R-CA), 40th President of the United States (1981-1989)

1981 Inaugural Address

1985 Inaugural Address

1989 Farewell Address

1974 'City on a Hill' Speech

Take a moment with us and review the inaugural, farewell addresses and other key addresses of President Ronald Reagan. These addresses will remain permanently on TAP as a tribute to the man whose vision of America as a city "shining on a hill" inspired a nation to come back from the brink, and through whom, our greatness and military might was restored.


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Reader's Corner

Reader's Corner

Take a look and see what our readers have to say about what you see here in TAP and use this as a chance to tell us or even to tell us off!


Federal Bureau of Investigation

A Special Note
to our Readers

In light of the incidents of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, as well as others subsequent to that date involving some of our staff here at The American Partisan (TAP), we are posting on our cover page what has been TAP's long-standing policy about e-mails sent to anyone associated with our magazine. Please read it very carefully. While we enjoy humor as much as the next person, we are not joking on this matter of concern.

Letters threatening physical harm to staffers will be forwarded to FBI Deputy Director Tom Pickard, who is heading the PENTTBOM investigation at the Special Information and Operation Center in Washington.






** FRIDAY-THURSDAY APRIL 11th to APRIL 17th, 2014 **



Thank you so much for your increasing and continued support!

TAP's Featured Columnists
JIM FLAHERTY, M.P., 1949-2014 - Tim reacts to the sudden death of a sitting Member of Canadian Parliament, who was also a personal friend. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE BLACK APOCALYPSE - Tim shows how the pandering, opportunistic hucksters such as Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton used the Zimmerman case to increasingly perfect their skills in dividing and conquering America along racial lines and sought to turn yet another matter into a race war. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
IN DEFENSE OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOM - Tim comes out swinging as he exposes the fraud of The White House for what it is -- an assassin of the People's rights to live in a free land and enjoy their God-given rights and liberties as the nation approaches its 237th birthday. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
IN DEFENSE OF POLITICAL INCORRECTNESS - Tim shows how the lynching of Paula Deen now is no different than the one done on Rush Limbaugh last year and how the PC double-standard today remains alive, well, and ready to place its jackboot on your throat if you DARE to stray from the party line. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
IN DEFENSE OF JUSTICE FOR MEN - Tim shows how the jury wimping out in the Jodi Arias penalty phase of her murder trial did Lizzie Borden proud. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
HONOR FOR SALE - Tim reacts to the Boy Scouts' pending announcement to end its decades-old prohibition on gays among scouts and youth leaders. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1776-2011 R.I.P. - How a criminal conspiracy hatched by the cabal of Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and John McCain (R-AZ) turned the Constitution on its head and in the process destroyed over 200 years of Constitutionally enshrined protections. First of Two Parts. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 1776-2011 R.I.P. - In Part One, we looked at the NDAA's potential for the accelerated development of a full-time police state in America. Part Two looks at the expedited timetable by which the TSA seeks to implement its nationwide agenda of random checkpoints to include 'Checkpoint Charlies' even at high school proms, and the consequences such actions portend for all freedom-loving Americans. Second of Two Parts. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
The Progressive Lebensraum - Michael Moriarty argues that the same kind of moral justifications used in justifying slavery and Nazism are being used to prop up abortion. - by Michael Moriarty
A New Bill of Rights - Bruce reminds us how not all the Founding Fathers were on the 'same sheet of music' as it were, in establishing the new American nation after it gained independence from Great Britain. - by Bruce Walker
View from the Mount: An Ill First Wins Hits the Public in the Pocketbook - The promises of alternative energy generated from industrial wind turbines are suspect when examined on the facts. The basis for justification for the entire industry is that electricity generated from uneconomical technology is environmentally friendly. - by SARTRE (James Hall from the Right)
Obama To America: I Am Not Accountable - Chris takes a look at the arrogance of the administration and how Barack Obama plainly considers himself to be above the rigors of normal scrutiny by which the American people have historically kept their leaders in check. - by Christopher Adamo
UT Senator Bob Bennett ousted from GOP primary to due TARP support; will McCain be next? - From Intellectual, Rachel reminds us that with Bennett's ouster last weekend, McCain becomes an even more expendable commodity, now that challenger J.D. Hayworth has closed the gap to within five points. - by Rachel Alexander, Legal Analyst
THE GREATER THREAT - In his debut column, Dallas-area small-business-owner Mark Cline explains in very clear terms why the invasion of illegal immigrants is a greater threat to the American way of life than the War on Terror - by Mark Cline, Guest Columnist
An Open Letter to President Barack Obama - A legend in the business community who is recognized as the foremost agent in 'change management' writes an open letter to the President of the United States that was (not surprisingly) rejected by The New York Times. - by Lou Pritchett, Retired Vice President of Sales and Customer Development for Procter & Gamble (1953-1989)
Conservatives Celebrate Defeat of Moderate Utah Senator at GOP Convention - David takes a look at the shock waves generated by the ouster of Utah Senator Bob Bennett. - - by David T. Pyne, Esq., Legal Analyst
The Never-Ending Cycle - In a TAP CLASSIC, Karen 'rips a new one' into those who are more interested in having others pay the freight because they lack the will or discipline to make positive choices and in the process, stick hard-working taxpayers with the bill. - by Karen Beth Pike
Give Me 100 of this Guy - Staff Sergeant Sylver looks at 'KH' - a civilian employee at a US Base - and how he sets an example for men less than half his age. - by Staff Sergeant Sylver, Guest Columnist
Blacks Held to Lower Standards in Perpetuity - In her newest column from, LaShawn points out - correctly - that blacks are held to a lower standard in a perpetuation of the myth that minorities cannot compete on a level playing field as white people. - by La Shawn Barber


READERS' CORNER! It looks like it's not just TAP writers who have something on their minds! The readers - the REAL stars of TAP - have a few things to say themselves! - by Our Readers
None But Honest and Wise Men - Bob reminds us of the need for only the honest and wise to be entrusted with the responsibilities of holding public office. - by Robert Yoho, Senior Editor
CLARION CALL - With the shooting at Fort Hood, Tim calls for the honorable discharge of all Muslims from the United States Armed Forces. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
LIBERALISM - In a debut column for TAP, guest columnist Bryan Case looks at just how 'liberal' liberalism really is. - by Bryan Case, Guest Columnist
"Par for the Course" - In a TAP CLASSIC being re-run because of its pertinence to current issues, Stephen takes a look at how like rules in golf cannot be changed, attempts to redefine marriage are "beyond silly and have hurtful intent toward those who can and have scored par in this aspect of their life." - by Stephen Senter
The Norwegian Follies - With Obama nailing down the Nobel Peace Prize, Jennifer asks if the Nobel Committee is going to consider awarding posthumous Nobels to Neville Chamberlain or Vidkun Quisling. - by Jennifer King, Managing Editor
A Nobel Gesture for Barack - James reminds us that President Obama's Nobel Prize is perhaps something he can grow into. - by James Hall, Senior Associate Editor
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA'S INAUGURAL ADDRESS - America's 44th President delivers his inaugural address.
SIXTY YEARS AGO ... An American in London - In her recent trip to Europe, Jennifer and her family toured through Great Britain and France and visited many of the landmarks that were a part of World War II. - by Jennifer King and Timothy Rollins
Cartoons and Special Features
Have Pen, Will Travel - Bob Lang offers political cartoons that beautifully illustrate the issues of the day in a way that only he can! - by Bob Lang, Illustrator
CYNICS CORNER: Snow White and the Seven Dorks - The most accurate portrayal of our government leaders to date! - by Terry Pierce  
NO APOLOGIES! - A reminder to those who would either forget or otherwise not know of our sacrifice and that we must not confuse arrogance with leadership. - sent in by Craig Rollins  
From the Front: What Some of our Soldiers Do In Their Free Time ... - Pictures you'll never see on the nightly news. - courtesy of the Associated Press, Reuters and Agence France Presse  
Public Service Features
NO ONE BELIEVED ME - Glenn and Neil remind us that Domestic Violence is indeed an equal opportunity crime and societal evil, and that MEN can be victims as well. This article will remain permanently on this website as a public service for those men who need to know that THEY ARE NOT ALONE. - by Glenn Sacks, M.A., and Neil Holstein, M.D.
How to Deal With a Stalker - Wendy shares with us her experience of having once been stalked and gives timely advice and pointers on how to protect yourself in this equal opportunity crime. This article originally appeared on the FOX News Channel Web Site and is reposted with permission. It also will remain permanently on this website as a public service for our readers - both male and female. - by Wendy McElroy
Special & Guest Contributors
Congress Freezes its Own Pay - From his latest edition of "Texas Straight Talk", Congressman Paul mentions something that Congress actually did RIGHT in these uncertain economic times. -by The Honorable Ron Paul, M.D., Member of Congress (R-TX - 14th District)
Border Battlelines: The Next Arizona Earthquake - If opponents of the new Arizona law on illegal immigration think it is radical to actually enforce federal immigration laws, they are surely going to get ulcers over Arizona's next innovation. See what tthe former Congressman has to say in his latest commentary in WorldNetDaily. - by The Honorable Tom Tancredo, Member of Congress (R-CO - 6th District - 1999-2009)
The New Abortion, Part 3 - In the last of his 3-part series on threats to American freedoms, Chuck's latest WorldNetDaily appearance off a TAP link, Chuck Norris I believe the political stars are aligning right now for the opening of a new front in the battle against our gun rights: via the election and work of an anti-gun president, the disarmament passions of the Washington elite and the United Nations, the appointments of gun prohibitionists from the White House to the Supreme Court and the funding of an anti-Second Amendment movement by billionaire progressives like George Soros. See what Chuck has top say about it in his latest WorldNetDaily exclusive commentary! - by Chuck Norris

For Arizona, and America, the Immigration Solution - With the falp over the new immigration law in Arizona, Pat reminds us that we could learn a lesson from our friends, the Australians. - by Pat Boone

Let’s Get The Real Bad Guys - OpinioNet and Publisher Tom Barrett looks at how President Obama does not seek reform anywhere near as much as he seeks government control. - by Tom Barrett
Land of Moussaka, Moochers and Looters - Ilana takes a serious look at the Greek riots in Athens and how they have many in the media secretly rooting for them. - by Ilana Mercer
Grassroots Activism: Left-wing, Radical Style - Bobby shows us how the anti-big-government crowd is making itself more and more heard. - by Bobby Eberle. Ph.D., President and CEO, GOPUSA

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W asking the inevitable question...

Sent in by a reader in
Edmond, Oklahoma

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Bush Derangement Syndrome (n): "the acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the presidency - nay - the very existence of George W. Bush."

Columnist and Psychiatrist
The Washington Post
as quoted in Bernard Goldberg's
100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken in #37)


"And if we elect a government that subverts or weakens or ends our war against terrorism, we can count on this: We will soon face enemies that will make 9/11 look like stubbing our toe, and they will attack us with the confidence and determination that come from knowing that we don't have the will to sustain a war all the way to the end."

Nebula-award winning author.

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