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Robert Yoho
Columnist and Senior Editor

Columnist Robert YohoRobert Yoho has a Bachelor of Science from Hyles-Anderson College.

His love of writing began with the penning of four Louis L'Amour-style Western novels, which have yet to find their way into publication. After two years of writing and interviews with World War II veterans, Yoho's latest book, "Heroes in our Midst" was recently published.

Yoho's political writings have been given national exposure, with the excerpts of one of his articles in The Washington Times.

He has also been published in several regional newspapers: The Marietta (OH) Times; Parkersburg (WV) News; Marietta (OH) A.M.; Muskingum Valley (OH) Review; The Frontline (Ohio University Conservative Newspaper); and the Athens (OH) News. His weekly radio talk show, "Byline," can be heard over much of the Mid-Ohio Valley on WLTP Radio in Vienna, West Virginia.

As a member of the Washington County Republican Executive/Central Committee, Robert has taken an active role in politics. He recently worked on the campaign of a candidate for the United States House of Representatives.

Sandwiched between his writing and political interests, Robert has managed to squeeze in a 19-year career as a Q.C. Lab Technican with Chevron Chemicals Company.

Yoho is a husband of 20 years and the father of three children. ***

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