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In Memory of the Fallen (9-11-2001)Hell No, We Won’t Go
(except…nobody’s asking them to - Morons!)

by Jennifer King, Managing Editor

October 28, 2002

"The Heretical Housewife"

Senior Editor Jennifer KingBy God, I turned on C-SPAN on Saturday and it was 1968. Good thing that the hideous fashions of the 1970’s are staging a comeback, because the protesters didn’t have to dig Grandma’s old peasant blouse from the moldy trunk - they could just buy a new one (made by underfunded labor in Mexico, of course, but that’s another story) at Target the next time Mummy takes them shopping.

It was a Kool-Aid® acid trip, alright, with the same old cast of characters. The bearded professors (paunchier and balding), the starry-eyed and brainless students, the muscular and stern Black Panthers threatening to “let the revolution loose man, and kill all the honkies”. It was just as though the past thirty years never happened. Which says a lot about the Left. Or what remains of them.

John Leo, in this week’s issue of U.S. News, reports that the Left has “lost its bearings” and that principled leftists like Michael Walzer, Christopher Hitchens and Ron Rosenbaum have all recently written articles despairing the intellectual honesty of a Left which believes that “Osama bin Laden is a slightly misguided anti-imperialist” and which inanely compares George W. Bush to Hitler.

One has to admire the resolve it must take to willfully ignore historical realities. To pretend that the fall of Saigon was not an unmitigated disaster for the people of Vietnam and that the bloodbath that followed - correctly predicted by the right - never occurred. Or that oppressed Cubans living under Papa Fidel revel in tyranny because “they have free health care”. Rosenbaum, writing in the New York Observer, caustically noted that the Left has perfected “an on-bended-knee obeisance to anyone in the Third World who posed as a “liberator” from Mao to Castro to Arafat and the Taliban.” Blindness, both spiritual and willful; and a boundless ignorance which has to be deliberate. Both, on ample display this past weekend on the small screen.

The anti-war crowd, although small, has gotten effusive press from people who either wish to relive their own glory days or who’ve been sucked in by the mythology that the Sixty-ologists have spun. Taking at face value the press releases put out by the organizing group (ANSWER: a communist front group established after 9/11 by the International Action Center whose other great causes have included protesting globalization and depleted uranium), the articles breathlessly state that the protesters “numbered in the hundreds of thousands”. Bull hockey. I watched the rally and if the well-known camera tricks of making a crowd look bigger are discounted (low shots, tight shots and very few high pans) that group of misfits would be lucky to number more than 5,000.

The anti-war fomenters - on their website - also ecstatically hail “the growing peace movement” (I guess “burgeoning” is too tough for them to spell), but they famously fail to take a couple of inconvenient facts into account. The protests during the Vietnam War grew exponentially as numbers of young men realized that THEIR draft card number might come up and that THEY might actually, personally, be sent off to the steaming jungle rather than stay at home and convince young ladies that free love should be practiced NOW. Once the draft was ended, the war protests fizzled miserably. This time, with a volunteer military, no one’s asking them to go - in fact the professional military would just as soon they not.

Secondly, most Americans are not blinded by the revisionism of the Left. They’ve seen footage of joyous East Germans, dancing upon the remnants of the crumbling Wall. They’ve watched gleeful Afghans, praising American troops for liberation from the barbaric and medieval Taliban. Most Americans haven’t been sucked into the self-deceptive whirlpool of post-modern truth mangling. They’re still grounded in reality, not in the fairytale fantasy world that makes up what’s left of the Left.

A better recommendation for viewing came on C-SPAN late - at 11:20 pm (which might give a telling insight into C-SPAN'S priorities). It was the “Patriot’s Rally for America II”, organized by the website Free Republic (freerepublic.com) Refreshingly clean and well-kempt, this crowd was enthusiastically and unapologetically pro-American. A huge surprise was when a large group of anti-Saddam Iraqis took the stage and pleaded eloquently for the liberation of their homeland. These brave people showed that there are Muslims and Arabs who long to be free, who long for an end to the Middle East’s petty and oppressive tyrannies and who are willing and able to live in peace with Israel.

This time around, they’re the rebels, the ones with the guts - “speaking truth to power”. ***

© 2002 Jennifer King

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