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In Memory of the Fallen (9-11-2001)The Wheel Has Turned
by Jennifer King, Managing Editor

November 7, 2002

"The Heretical Housewife"

Managing Editor Jennifer KingYesterday’s election blowout was a referendum which handed a stunning and virtually unprecedented midterm victory to President Bush and the Republicans. The citizenry, having the first opportunity to vote since September 11th, decisively spanked the Democrats and their obstructionist agenda. The usual liberal mouthpieces and apologists have tried to spin the results, but the washer’s short on water and the spin cycle is now officially OFF.

Terry McAuliffe, ungracious as usual, showed that there is much truth to the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. McAuliffe, who seems determined to appear as small-minded and petty as possible, showed little humility for his abject failure as DNC chair. He merely took the TV face time to take cheap, juvenile and personal potshots at the Bush family. George W. Bush does not seem a vengeful man, but he must find some humor in the fact that it is McAuliffe who has been served the most memorable portion of crow in some years. For weeks, Terry has strutted about, boasting about getting “revenge for 2000” by defeating Jeb Bush. McAuliffe publicly stated that he wanted to “inflict pain” upon George W. by making sure his little brother lost his re-election. That’s it - thuggery and sheer hate - the DNC platform for 2002. No wonder Americans rejected it.

The American public changed markedly on 9/11, leaving Terry and his like-minded buds wallowing cluelessly in the time-warped past. A deeply shocked and saddened America took a long, hard look at itself on September 12th, and we saw many things we liked. We recognized characteristics we knew we had - buried deep within us, long hidden under revisionist liberal guilt. On September 12th, we rediscovered the true value of our heritage, having understood suddenly and personally the terrible price of freedom. We steeled ourselves anew in our determination to preserve it - this matchless gift, for us and for the world. In other words - America grew up - overnight.

President Bush and Author (TAP)George W. Bush (with author, right) said it best, when he said that “this generation has been called - to fight the evil we’ve seen so many times before” and he assured us that we would win. Americans rallied to him, for he showed that he implicitly understood our historic duty - America’s timeless mission to preserve liberty and promote freedom around the world. And he showed that he trusted us, her citizens, to fulfill our duty this time, too, as we always have - with individual courage and our combined strength. Americans saw the President’s admiration and respect for them, personally, and collectively as a great and generous nation. They repaid him in kind, on Election Day.

This election was also about Bill Clinton and his era of fraud and deceit, epitomized perfectly by the current “dishonest CEO” corporate meltdown. In that era of “anything goes”, anything did, and we‘re paying the price today. There were many of us then who despaired of a public which - as the pollsters told us - thought it was “only about sex” when a 50 year old married man was caught diddling a 20-year-old girl in his office during working hours. We watched, in disbelief, as the so-called “feminists” couldn’t bring themselves to disown a pro-abortion pol who personified, perfectly, their vaunted issue of “sexual harassment”. We were aghast when certain Democrats who were considered to be principled threw their reputations away to save a corrupt man who’d repeatedly lied under oath and sold sensitive missile technology to the Communist Chinese for campaign donations. The American public just responded to that, too.

Bill Clinton, Hillary, Tom Daschle, Terry McAuliffe, Paul Begala and James Carville epitomize the hard Left side of American politics. They got their start in the riotous 60’s, when most of them were highly radicalized into duped believers of Marxist cant. They (along with much of Hollywood), make up the “hate America first” liberal elitist crowd - famously contemptuous of their fellow citizenry.

TAP Columnist and Editor Tim RollinsRemember Hillary wishing for “an America as good as it can be”? Or Bill, telling us we can’t keep more of our tax money because we “might not spend it the right way”? Bill also has a famous penchant for deliberately poking Americans straight in the gut - wearing Ho Chi Minh pajamas while visiting an airman’s grave in Vietnam and posing in a way only Monica could appreciate on the cover of Esquire magazine. America just poked him back.

The immature - jumping on the Lincoln bed - party ‘til you fall down the stairs - scrawl obscenity on the White House walls crowd - has been firmly shown the door by the American voters. As my colleague Tim Rollins (left) so eloquently put it, “The 1960’s ended the day the Towers fell.” ***

© 2002 Jennifer King

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