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New York State Flag (Admitted 1788 - 11th State)THE DEATH OF RESPONSIBILITY
by Timothy Rollins, Editor and Publisher

July 26, 2002

Timothy Rollins - Beneath the SurfaceWhat is it with most people these days? If something goes wrong - like their retirement fund being either insufficient or nonexistent, they go about looking for someone to fill it. To do that, they often look for a villain. Generally, they don't have to look far.

First up was the tobacco industry, and we all know the nightmare we're still dealing with there. It's a mess we'll all be dealing with for some time to come as one irresponsible person after another passes the buck up the line in addition to the criminal negligence and depraved indifference to human life shown so blatantly by big tobacco when they chose to knowingly spike nicotine levels in order to keep smokers addicted to their highly poisonous and addictive product. This action will noticeably subside once plaintiffs acquire the mental capacity to read, understand and heed the warnings on a pack of cigarettes.

Cheeseburger - An American Institution (AP)The latest item in the news making blood boil in some quarters is the action taken by New York City lawyer Samuel Hirsch who filed a lawsuit against the big four fast-food chains - McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's and KFC. He argued that the companies were "irresponsible and deceptive in the posting of their nutritional information, that they need to offer healthier options on their menus, and that they create a de-facto addiction in their consumers, particularly the poor and children." Excuse me, Counselor, but if these families are so poor, they should be eating at home for less and stretching their food dollar.

Hirsch further alleges the fast-food industry has not been totally up-front with customers. Assuming he means the disclosure of nutritional information, that information must be disclosed by law - at least in New York State. At Wendy's, where I eat occasionally, they have it in plain sight - if diners choose not to read it, they CHOOSE not to; it is their CHOICE to not inform themselves. It is not the restaurant's responsibility to inform the customer. They are not obliged to provide leaflets to the customer (except on request), especially when from my experience as a former Wendy's manager, there's a 99+% chance it'll end in the trash unread.

Suffice it to say, industry officials blasted the action, seeing it as nothing more than a cash grab by greedy lawyers and irresponsible people.

"It's senseless, baseless and ridiculous," National Restaurant Association spokeswoman Katharine Kim said. "There are choices in restaurants and people can make these choices, and there's a little personal responsibility as well." (Italics added)

The lead plaintiff, 56-year-old maintenance supervisor Caesar Barber, ate at fast-food restaurants four or five times a week and blames his fatty diet for his obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol and the two heart attacks he has suffered. Excuse me, but how many hints does this guy need?

"I trace it all back to the high fat, grease and salt, all back to McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King - there was no fast food I didn't eat, and I ate it more often than not because I was single, it was quick and I'm not a very good cook," Barber said in an interview with Foxnews.com.

"It was a necessity, and I think it was killing me, my doctor said it was killing me, and I don't want to die."

Excuse me here, but what Barber is parroting here is nothing but excuses. Having eaten plenty of fast food firsthand, exercise is essential in order to avoid the negative effects it brings. In addition, it cannot be the only thing one eats. Barber could go to the grocery store and buy frozen dinners and entrees. He can take cooking classes and acquire new skills - not to mention it's a great place to socialize and make new friends - especially female - and who knows? He may even get a life. His continual ritual to the fast food places has him on the fast track to Forest Lawn - again one has to ask, just how many hints (heart attacks) does this guy need?

It all boils down to lawyers looking for new clients to fatten their wallets and preventably obese crybabies looking to blame someone - anyone - other than themselves for their pathetic, lame and sorry lot in life, when in reality, they have nobody to blame but themselves.

Our Creator has blessed us each with a life to live and to make the most of. What we do with and how we live that life is our gift back to Him. ***

2002 Timothy Rollins

COPYRIGHT 2002 BY THE AMERICAN PARTISAN. All writers retain rights to their work.

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