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People Perish for Lack of Knowledge
by April Shenandoah

October 10, 2002

Columnist April Shenandoah "Just the facts ma'am, just the facts," as Jack Webb on Dragnet used to say. News Flash - People don't know the facts and people can't handle the facts! Most folks are busy battling morning rush hour traffic, and the cares of the day. They don't have time to process information and decipher fact from fiction. Is it any wonder? Our learning institutions did not (is not) encourage us to pay attention to political affairs or to keep government accountable. We were not educated about the privilege and responsibility of voting or the consequences of not voting. We watched the evening news and thought we were being informed, not realizing that we were being propagandized.


We the people have been scammed! But the biggest scam of all is the two party system - the Democrats Vs the Republicans. And because of ignorance most of us bought into it, choosing sides. I Did! Republicans were the "good" guys and anyone else was the enemy. Democrats hate Republicans with a vengeance (but Alex Baldwin hasn't left the country yet). Bubba's best buddy Barbara is singing the praises of the Clinton years and crying the blues over the present day troubles under Bush's watch (Babs, get your head out of that Malibu sand). If these Celebs and the public at large would do their homework they would soon learn that there is "no difference" between the parties. They only spew their rhetoric for our benefit, pitting us against each other to keep us riled and distracted while they walk all over our "freedoms."

Most die-hard "loyal" Republicans and Democrats stick with the "party" no matter what. California Republicans are sticking by Bill Simon even though he is bought and paid for by the insiders. Nothing will change if he gets in office, but so what, he is the lesser of the two evils - so they think. Haven't you figured out that the two parties choose their puppet and the constituents are not given any other choice? By voting along party lines you are voting for "business as usual."

Speaking of ignorance, the other night I spoke at a prayer meeting in a private home. When I began to tell the ladies about Islam and perverted sex education being taught in our public schools, these women sat on the edge of their chairs in disbelief. They could not comprehend that these horrendous things were taking place in America, and that they did not know about it. Actress Terry Moore was about the only one there that had some knowledge of what I was saying. It was baffling because the lady who heads the meetings is a beautiful actress and businesswoman, yet so uninformed. Most Americans fit the same scenario.

Those that say, "We can turn things around" I want to know how, show me some evidence. The last 15 years I have been studying and researching the heritage of our country and the "changing times we live in" - America as we knew it is gone! All the different organizations spouting words of our forefathers and displaying the Constitution has not made a difference. The United States of America is perishing, along with its people. Those of us that oppose the takeover are not spending every waking hour counteracting their measures, however, THEY are eating and sleeping their "end goal." The ringleader is planning her move back into the White House this very moment. Get off the "party politics" and check some Internet sites for information. Most of all do NOT believe what you read in the conglomerate newspapers or the controlled television media.

Churches won't inform their congregations of the political suicide that is taking place because they do not want to offend people and take the risk of losing them -- and -- they are in fear of the American Civil Liberties Union suing to remove their tax-exempt status. Hey preacher, God said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." God is looking for one good man/woman to take a stand! Listen up! America is on a roller coaster to Hell, but with God's wisdom and knowledge and prayer, that ride can do a U-turn towards Heaven. Join me in prayer everyday at 12 noon -- collective prayer = power. Let's call this prayer movement HIGH NOON. Prayer is the answer! ***

2002 April Shenandoah

April Shenandoah's Internet home is: http://www.politicsandreligion.tv

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