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Habitat for Insanity
by Ted Lang, Associate Editor

October 29, 2002

Columnist Ted Lang Armand Hammer was a Communist butcher and mass murderer Josef Stalin's "right-hand man." Those of us who love the rule of law and are demonized as "right-wingers" and "Nazis," question his "rightness," as well as his designation as a "man" considering his dedication to the enslavement of others.

Armand Hammer was as dangerous an infiltrator of American government as ever there was, with the possible exception of Communist Harry Hopkins, Franklin Roosevelt's closest advisor. Hammer bragged of buying and owning the late former Senator from Tennessee, Al Gore, Sr. It is no secret that former presidential candidate, Al Gore, Jr., acquired virtually all of his and his family's wealth from Hammer.

It should, therefore, be completely understandable, that when I see the name "Armand Hammer" anywhere in print, I associate it with the communist threat to our way of life. And nowhere is this threat more prolific and pronounced than within the Democratic Party.

Hopkins and other communists in the State Department goaded Roosevelt into challenging Japanese military imperialism, thereby provoking the attack on Pearl Harbor. These weren't just communist sympathizers or awe-struck ideologues - these were registered, card-carrying members loyal to most dangerous and despicable mass murdering communist in human history. Japanese imperialism was knocking at Stalin's back door, while Hitler's Wehrmacht was knocking at his front. A national wait-and-see attitude was in order, but not for Roosevelt, Democrats, and their communist friends.

Since Adolf Hitler attacked "Uncle Joe," Roosevelt's buddy, Democrats and Hollywood Communists have labeled anyone who opposes enforced socialism in the form of fascism and international communism as a "right wing Nazi" or "conspirator." Wasn't this what socialist Hillary Clinton called anyone who disagreed with her policies and that of her conspiring, lying, communist collaborating, traitor husband?

Our Founders created the freest, greatest nation on Earth based upon that most elevated of spiritually oriented purposes: individual human freedom. And communism crushes the individual freedoms of the masses and enslaves them to provide luxury for the few that control "the party." When Democratic Senator and adulterous drunkard, Edward "Ted" Kennedy proclaims that Democrats are feverishly working "to face down individuality," and Hillary advances that individual freedoms must be sacrificed "for the greater good," they are advocating nothing but that time-refuted political philosophy: Communism.

Former President Jimmy Carter (D-GA) (AP)Communism can be likened to corruption - the more there is, the more it spreads to new virgin areas. And if Roosevelt, Clinton and Kennedy lean "left," what about former President Jimmy Carter? The socialist cabal comprising the membership of the Nobel Prize Committee just bestowed upon Jimmy "Peanuts" their worse-than-useless award, joining him forever to other such notable world peace activists as Yasser Arafat. Former President Ronald Reagan, who brought down the massive, dangerous Communist Soviet Union, did so without ever firing a shot.

Was Reagan ever considered for the Nobel Peace Prize? Of course not! And just as homosexuality is okay for everyone except former FBI Director and fervent anticommunist J. Edgar Hoover, so has Reagan been deemed a "McCarthyist" for opposing the Democrat Party's favorite communist murderers. And as Jimmy Peanuts collects his Nobel Prize, awarded with the caveat offered by Norwegian socialists, "It should be interpreted as a criticism," Nobel chairman Gunnar Berge explained that it is intended as "a kick in the leg to all who follow the same line as the United States" as concerns impending hostilities against Iraq.

And now a book is out that connects Carter, Hammer, and Soviet Communists, all working together to prevent Ronald Reagan from being elected. Sound familiar? And Carter and Clinton gave the Panama Canal to the Communist Chinese military.

Russia and China are understandable - they started their socialism in misery and abject poverty. Communism held out false hope -- what's our excuse? More entitlements? More feel-good guilt to accept suffering and replacing good with bad, wealth with poverty, family security with homosexual paranoia? Looks like the inmates have taken over the asylum! ***

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