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To Pamper or Imprison
by Robert Yoho

January 25, 2002


"Eye on Conservatism"

Columnist Robert Yoho Secretary of Defense Donald RumsfeldPersonally, I am getting sick and tired of the whining and hand wringing over the supposed inhumane treatment of Al Qaeda prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. There is no reason in this world why a reasonable man like Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (shown right) should find it necessary to defend our country’s treatment of terrorists.

Moreover, if you look at our nation’s rich history of defending freedom and the harm the terrorists did to this country, then I consider it unfathomable that our supposed “allies” would dare question the conditions of these Taliban detainees.

These men thought nothing about killing innocent women and children on the ground and in the air with their once-unlikely weapons of mass destruction. These brutal butchers hijacked civilian airliners, fully loaded with jet fuel, and made these people tag along as unwitting contributors on a contemptuous suicide mission of death.

Despite these crimes against humanity, I am not calling for their abuse. However, I also don’t think they should be housed in the Sheraton. And if America is guilty of anything, then it is the fact that we are TOO good to them!

These once vermin-infested prisoners are being given excellent medical care, three good meals a day, clean clothes, warm showers, and adequate housing. Our government provided each one of them with a copy of the Koran, which is clearly a violation of the liberals’ sacred principle of “separation of church and state.”

Are you foolish enough to believe that, if the situation were reversed, the Taliban would give each of their prisoners a Bible?

The haircuts, shaves, and surgical masks are not only to protect their military guards; they also shield the prisoners from diseases carried by many of their fellow Talibaniacs.

Transporting and guarding these prisoners is quite possibly the most hazardous duty of this war on terror. These prisoners have no problem with sacrificing their own lives for whatever it is that they claim to believe. And need I remind you that one American CIA agent has already been killed during a prison riot of captured members of Al Qaeda?

I think the protection of our servicemen is certainly paramount to whether or not these evil killers are given the proper niceties to satisfy a bunch of safe, overfed, pampered, whiny Socialists in eastern Europe! No doubt they would be pleased if we would just let them off with a stern warning.

During the Gulf War, American POWs were routinely abused and physically beaten. The food and water they were given would not be consumed by the average American housedog. They were not granted capable medical care. At least one of the women prisoners was raped.

Where were these selfless, noble international watchdogs of human rights then? Could it be that American Armed Forces personnel are not somehow worthy of their protection?

Maricopa County (AZ) Sheriff Joe ArpaioIf these Taliban thugs are not satisfied with the prison conditions at Guantanamo, perhaps we could have them transferred to an American prison. I was thinking of one particular place that is good enough for our own citizens. We could put them under the custody of Maricopa County (Arizona) Sheriff Joe Arpaio (pictured, left).

The Arizona sheriff is just a regular Joe who thinks that prisoners should not be treated like they are being confined in the four-star hotel. Talk about insensitivity! Arpaio makes his people live in a tent prisons under a blistering Arizona sun. He makes them work on chain gangs. He makes the men wear striped clothes and pink underwear. He doesn’t even let them drink coffee. And that is just the everyday thieves, prostitutes, vandals, and drug abusers. One can only imagine what he would do with the murdering animals of Al Qaeda.

By gosh, if this kind of treatment is good for ordinary American citizens in the United States, then we should give no less to these loyal followers of Osama Bin Laden. ***

© 2002 Robert Yoho

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