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Gay Marriage...The Final Abomination
by Dave Gibson, Columnist

August 1, 2003

Dave Gibson In a society that seems to be much more concerned about the latest video game or Hollywood movie than it does about the moral health of its fellow inhabitants, most will pay very little attention to the destruction of the American family. The very values that made this country great and prosperous are now belittled and derided by the left which is evidenced by their attempt to legitimize homosexuality.

The recent U.S. Supreme Court decision which basically gave an affirmative nod to all of those practicing homosexuality has proven two things: liberals use the bench to further their leftist political agenda and the death of the strong American family cannot be far away. Who needs Adam and Eve when Adam and Steve are so much more fashionable?

The left is pushing for legal gay 'marriage'. Like it or not, a gay 'marriage' is not a legitimate bond. There is one key purpose for marriage: to have children! Gay couples cannot have kids - at least not through natural means. However, they are now beginning to conceive and adopt children with the help of unscrupulous infertility doctors and misguided adoption agencies.

When a society begins to accept and even condone depravity it is not long for this world. We are constantly told by the left to embrace this 'lifestyle' and its participants. To now say anything negative about homosexuality is considered to be 'hate speech'. In many states, we now see the left pushing private businesses to extend insurance benefits to 'same -sex partners'. We also see lily-livered politicians caving into pressure from gay rights groups. If we allow homosexual marriage to be considered legal and valid...What abominations will follow? Legalized bestiality? Will it become acceptable for adults to openly molest children? NAMBLA members are no doubt salivating at the prospects! It is a very slippery slope indeed.

The left and their anti-family agenda have left not one bastion of civilized society untouched. They have even assailed The Boy Scouts of America for their beliefs. The liberals have tried to force gay scout leaders upon that organization. In a country where 90% of black children are born out of wedlock, juvenile crime is sky-rocketing, and alcohol and drug abuse amongst teenagers has reached an all time high...Do we really need another assault on the family in the form of gay 'marriage'?

Homosexuality is a perversion, that is all, it is not a 'lifestyle'. Homosexual 'marriage' if it is ever legalized in this country, will still be illegitimate and void. Homosexuals do not deserve special preference under the law. We don't need 'hate crime' legislation. It is already illegal to assault or murder someone (how many times can you put someone to death for the same crime?). Homosexuals are ranting and raving about not being able to leave property to their 'life partner' or their 'life partner' not being able to make 'deathbed' decisions for them. Nonsense! Anyone can go to a lawyer and make anyone else their beneficiary and also give that person 'power of attorney' and create a living directive. What homosexuals are really asking for with all of this legislation is the validation of mainstream society (a big 'you’re ok!'), telling them that their deviant behavior is acceptable. They want this because, deep down they know how disgusting their actions truly are and they feel terrible about them (that's why there is such a high rate of suicide among gays and lesbians).

Man and Woman were created with different anatomy for a very good reason...to compliment one another (i.e. to produce children). Man and Woman are attracted to each other for a reason. We are driven by a desire to perpetuate the species. Even if people are unconscious of this primordial need to 'pair up', it is still why people enter into the union of marriage.

Now the homosexuals while being spurred on by the left, are pushing for legal 'marriage'. They are striving now to send a nation already teetering on the brink of moral disaster, spiraling down into the dark abyss where all 'once great' nations now lie. The time has come for the silent majority to be silent no more and say: Enough! ***

2003 Dave Gibson

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