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Still Remember Pearl Harbor?
by Dave Gibson, Columnist

September 11, 2003

Dave Gibson It has now been two years since this nation suffered the ultimate sucker-punch, which was responsible for the largest loss of civilian life on any one day in United States history. The 9/11 attacks relegated the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to merely appearing in history books and the distant memories of those who survived that cowardly attack. The blow dealt out by the Arab-Muslin terrorists was the mother of all 'Pearl Harbor Jobs'.

Two years later, we are just as vulnerable as we were on that fateful September day. Our civilians were targeted by the Muslim thugs and we responded with surgical, politically-correct strikes. We waited too long to respond and when we did, it was in a rather anemic fashion. In fact, our men are still fighting and dying on a daily basis in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Our esteemed leader (President Bush) has decided to fight a politically-correct, antiseptic "war", rather than deal properly with those who hate us so and whose greatest wish is to kill Americans.

The tragic events of 9/11 made one thing very clear to me: If ever there was a time to use nuclear weapons, it was then. Not only did the Arab-Muslim terrorists hit a military facility (The Pentagon), they went after population centers. They killed businessmen, cab drivers, police officers, firemen, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters...They killed innocent, non-combatants with no warning.

The attacks shut down the New York Stock Exchange for a week, completely stopped air traffic, and delivered a blow to this nation's economy which we are still feeling today. Since 9/11, the FBI has uncovered dozens of sinister plots against the American people. The were plans to destroy bridges and national monuments which were designed not only to kill innocent civilians, but to also strike fear into the hearts of every American.

Shortly after the September attacks, we found ourselves at the mercy of the terrorists once again, as the 'Anthrax Attacks' began. Americans found themselves coping with the threat of biological attack for the first time in this nation's history. The terrorists were using our own mail system against us. Even the dreaded Nazis had not been able to deliver such fear and devastation to this our shores.

Bush gave a list of despot nations he dubbed the "Axis of Evil". Every one of them should have been issued an ultimatum: Either give up the location of every terrorist and the training camps which exist inside your borders within 72 hours, or every capital city in that "Axis of Evil" will be hit with nuclear weapons! One of two things would have resulted: The terrorist states would have complied, or we would have eliminated a large part of those despot nations, thus disrupting the terrorist network and struck terror into the hearts of our enemies. However, we did not act decisively and with extreme prejudice, which no doubt has given still more hope to those who wish to destroy our way of life.

Almost 60 years ago, President Truman made a very difficult decision. He decided to use atomic weapons against the nation of Japan. In making that courageous decision, he brought about a much earlier end to World War II and saved the lives of countless American young men. It would take a great man of courage and determination, another statesman such as Harry Truman to put the lives of American soldiers ahead of his own political interests. Unfortunately, we do not currently have such a statesman occupying the White House. We instead, have someone who is willing to turn a blind eye to the state supported terrorist actions of Saudi Arabia (his family's old business partners, the Saudi royal family).

Two long years later...We are no safer, our troops are mired down in a guerilla war in Iraq, our borders are still unprotected, the price of gasoline is sky-rocketing and our president is currently enjoying his month-long vacation.

God help us all! ***

2003 Dave Gibson

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