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In Memory of The Fallen 9-11-2001THE PEOPLE v. SCOTT PETERSON
by Timothy Rollins, Editor and Publisher

First in a Series

April 21, 2003

Timothy Rollins - Beneath the SurfaceLaci Peterson (1975-2002) (AP)With positive identification made on the headless torso of Laci Peterson (right) and the body of her baby Connor that washed up on San Francisco Bay last week and the arrest of her adulterous husband Scott, the sad chapter of Laci's disappearance has come to a tragic end.

The case began when Peterson reported Laci 'missing' after returning from fishing Christmas Eve by Berkeley Marina. Modesto Police believe he took her with him - not to fish, but to dump her in the bay with concrete blocks, hooks and weights in an effort to keep her from surfacing.

Kudos go out to both Modesto Police as well as Stanislaus County District Attorney Jim Brazelton who learned from the mistakes of ex-Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti, who pooched the O.J. Simpson case from the get-go and Judge Lance Ito who turned that trial into a circus with two sets of rules for the players - one for himself and one for everyone else in the trial.

Scott Peterson before arrest (AP)By not naming Peterson (left) a suspect yet not ruling him out, that kept the press off Peterson's back and allowed him to reenter his daily routine. These actions permitted the police to assemble a pattern of conduct on Peterson's part that allowed them to link him to the murder of his family.

Scott Peterson in custody (AP)Wiretaps on both on his home and cell phones as well as vehicle sensors provided police the additional evidence they needed to add to what they started accumulating the day Laci disappeared. Connecting the dots was more than enough to get an arrest warrant San Diego Sheriff's Deputies executed when they pulled him over Friday once he made their surveillance unit - especially given fears that he would flee to Mexico. The fact that he bleached his hair (shown in custody, right), had grown a goatee, had $10,000 in cash and fake identification only reaffirmed suspicions that he was about to flee.

The basis on which the arrest was made also included these factors among others: After Laci disappeared, Peterson traded in her Land Rover for a pickup truck. He was also considering selling the family home. In other words, he KNEW she wasn't coming back. Shortly before Laci disappeared, he told her he was having an affair with Amber Frey, a Fresno massage therapist who said she became Peterson's girlfriend when he told her he 'wasn't married'. Clearly, we see Peterson lied to both his wife and to this woman.

In addition, Laci's family pleaded with Peterson to work with Modesto Police, who described him as 'uncooperative'. This turned out to be more than a modest understatement.

Now in the maximum security wing of the Stanislaus County Jail where he'll be held until his arraignment next week on two counts of Murder 1, Brazelton has indicated there will be a 'Special Circumstances' rider attached that will allow for the death penalty to be sought. However, there is a wrinkle in this case and a BIG wrinkle at that.

Given the overwhelming publicity in this case, the chances of seating an impartial jury anywhere in California is almost zero. In addition, California law states that only a jury can impose a sentence of death in cases of Special Circumstances. This power rests solely with the jury - as it should, and that's where Peterson can very easily weasel his way out of the death chamber at San Quentin.

In requesting a judge-alone trial - which is as much his right as a trial by a jury of his peers, he effectively shuts down the possibility of being executed for his crimes, which if guilty, should be the only option in this case. And rather than lethal injection, a Saudi executioner should be brought in for the job where Peterson should be beheaded for his atrocity against his wife and son.

One can only imagine the torment and pleading Laci did for herself and unborn son in the final moments of her life while at the hands of her self-centered and brutal husband. More than likely Laci was going to divorce him for the adultery, and Peterson knew that he couldn't afford the embarrassment, let alone the loss of his home and the attending child support and alimony, etc.

This selfish thug thought nothing of taking this innocent woman's life, not to mention that of a totally helpless child who was denied a chance to begin his life - a complete innocent in all of this.

For this, Scott Peterson should be made to pay with his own in a manner befitting his crime. ***

2003 Timothy Rollins

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