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by Michael Moriarty, Actor and Columnist

November 19, 2004

Actor Michael Moriarty In the vitally important election year of 2008 (perhaps even more seminally vital than the welcome reelection of George Bush in 2004), it will not be a Clintonian Democratic Party coming over the hill to face us. Even if Hilary Clinton is the Democrats' candidate, the man holding the party and platform reins will be Senator Barack Obama of Illinois.

The billion-footed constituency of a United Nations worldwide socialist federation is still mostly Third World and will look to Barack before it trusts the white bwana William Clinton, whose title of Secretary General will be no more empowering than Kofi Annan's was when the real wizard in charge of the UN was President Clinton. Not a move was made out of the Middle East or Moscow or Beijing without consulting William Jefferson Cassidy Clinton at the White House.

Why? No one knew or held the pulse of America, the singular enemy of the UN, more gently and firmly than the former Governor of Arkansas. The "gentleness" came from a Tom Sawyer sentimentality that passed for love. The "firmness" (often at the urging of former Attorney General Janet Reno) was exhibited when he exonerated the FBI's assaults on Ruby Ridge and a Christian cult at Waco and when he agreed to extradite Elian Gonzalez, a Cuban child political refugee, back into the arms of communist dictator Fidel Castro. All these episodes were mildly Leninist test runs of federal power on the American people, who tragically, enchanted by their very own Tom Sawyer, withstood these acts that portend a disastrous domestic federal policy, should the Democratic Marxists ever regain the White House.

A fourth display came with typical Clintonian theatrics, when Los Alamos and its atomic research laboratories were reported to have been invaded by a
Red Chinese spy. The most amusing theater was Janet Reno's delay at exonerating the accused. Protests from China and from within the U.S. eventually provoked a highly predictable whitewash. Again, America's John and Jane Does neglected to take full notice. The fact that the American press quickly pushed the issue off the front pages of any major publication was another display of how deeply the Marxist invasion has reached not just the shores of America, but also its very halls of power, nuclear propulsion and propaganda.

My warning about the importance of the 2008 election is simply to tell you the rules by which we must deal with the renewed assault by "well-intentioned liberals" on the Oval Office. We must debate them and defeat them on their own home court with all of world opinion and Hollywood opinion cheering for Senator Obama or his new surrogate wife, Hilary Clinton. No one has defined the rules of the coming engagement more specifically than Barack Obama when he slid easily into the senatorial seat. He quickly defeated a brilliant black conservative named Allen Keyes. Senator Obama needed only to let Mr. Keyes' own fervent anti-hedonism (America is a hedonistic nation, always has been and always will be, God bless it!) and presumptuously evangelical morality bury the justifiably concerned pro-life platform that the Republican candidate stood for.

Here are the only terms upon which you can debate either Hilary Clinton or Senator Obama:

"American separation of Church and State must be honored. Therefore, theologically-based moral opinions are utterly inadmissible in the Barack court of public opinion and in the opinion of the world.

"Any of our cries for states' rights will be answered by the Democratic Party's new and fervent belief that the Republican Abraham Lincoln would, were he alive today, be a Democrat. Resisting increased federal power and hegemony will only have either Hilary Clinton or the Senator reaching for the memory of the Civil War and the immorality of the southern states' slaveholding policies. In the name of democratic freedom, Lincoln exerted federal power upon a parochial, backward, untutored, unlettered, unenlightened and undeserving Confederate tyranny.

"The Democratic candidate of 2008, whether Senators Clinton or Obama, must be dealt with in sociological, judicial, zoological, scientific, provable, and empirically statistical and historical terms. Questions of what is good or evil are one man's sabbatical, church or temple-going meat or poison, and not a real part of anything approaching provable reality.

"A pro-life platform cannot be based on the question of abortion's questionable morality. If pressed far enough, the Democratic candidate will be forced to pull out the UN's seminal cornerstone of fear: the "Population Problem." The sacredness of human life is not admissible in this court of Obama. He, the prodigal genius of Harvard Law, will, while playing both prosecutor and defense attorney, slowly become judge and jury with the court of world opinion entirely behind him. If John Kerry can do it, my word, Professor/Senator Obama will have a field day of worldwide public approval.

"In the name of democracy, the Democratic candidate will show that the human race has voted against the Republican idea of government. Not only are states' rights a thing of the past, but he may try proving that nationalism itself is just a larger version of the same parochial, backward, unenlightened disease we saw in the slaveholding South. If you wish a future for the human race, even under democratic principles, you must vote for a Democrat, because he obviously has the overwhelming mandate of the rest of the entire human race.

How can one answer or deal with such a formidable debating position?

"In the middle of this Third World War, we Americans cannot be Catholic or Muslim or Buddhist or Jewish. We must be American. We must hold to the almost 250-year-old soul of the United States Republic as it is outlined in the American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Presently, dealing with the scientific, legalistic challenges from an internationalist's idea called the Worldwide Socialist Federation - a One World government run out of the UN - we are Americans facing the frighteningly successful triumph of a 19th-century constitution outlined by Karl Marx's Das Kapital and Friedrich Engels' Communist Manifesto.

"Since the birthplace of this "Worker's and Peoples' Revolution" was 18th-century France, we now understand why French foreign policy has been so irredeemably ungrateful for all the help which the United States has given her through the 20th Century.

"The French ingratitude has been mirrored by that of American graduating classes - mostly Ivy League -, the favorite bible of which is, at least for the likes of William Clinton, Edmund Wilson's To the Finland Station. Not since Clinton have we had to deal with such horrifying ingratitude as that shown by university professors and the likes of Barack Obama.

"We Americans are not "messianic," as an actor friend who met Clinton described the then Governor of Arkansas. We Americans are not here to save the human race. We, the middle-class majority of the U.S. and therefore the American People's jury on our foreign and domestic policies, are here to defend the best idea of human individual freedom in human history. We voted for a Republican in 2004 and we will vote for a Republican in 2008, because we know that Marxism is not merely a governing idea but a worldwide religion. The power, influence and monetary wealth of this global church make even the Roman Catholic Church at its zenith look like a bake sale. Its temple, its Vatican, is the UN Secretariat in New York. We would greatly appreciate your moving it to Paris, the birthplace of all this revolutionary nonsense, and not keep infiltrating New York, the greatest city in the world, with this pernicious idea called Marxianity. We are the congregation of Americanianity, and although we represent only 3% of the entire world population, we will not back down on our own national minority rights to govern our part of this heavenly planet the way we choose to.

This, dear readers, is just a beginning to the kaleidoscopic changes in our lexicon and debating eloquence required to face the Marxianists coming over the hill in 2008. I will end with my own nod to the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.

In the same way President Lincoln declared unequivocally that American individual freedom does NOT include the license to enslave our fellow man, the Republican pro-life movement declares with equal passion that American individual freedom does NOT include a license to murder the unborn. ***

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the recent TV-movie The 4400 that aired on USA Network. In May, Moriarty won a Leo Award (celebrating excellence in British Columbia film) for best supporting actor for his role in the TV-movie Mob Princess.

2004 Michael Moriarty

This article was sent directly to The American Partisan by Mr. Moriarty, for which we at TAP thank him.

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