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In Memory of The Fallen 9-11-2001MUCH ADO ABOUT BELLING
by Timothy Rollins, Editor and Publisher

November 19, 2004

Timothy Rollins - Beneath the SurfaceWISN Talk SHow Host Mark Belling EDITOR'S NOTE: Now that the dust has settled and WISN talk show host Mark Belling (right) is back at work - pulling no punches and doing what he does best - calling it as it is, I thought now would be a good time to run this piece. I waited because I wanted to see if Clear Channel was going to have the backbone to back their prize property or the stupidity to gut their cash cow and hang him out to dry. It seems they did the wise thing and protected their principal asset in the Milwaukee market, especially in light of the fact that Belling occasionally fills in for Rush Limbaugh on the latter's nationally syndicated radio program. Timothy Rollins, Editor.

For the last couple of weeks here in Milwaukee, there has been a huge uproar on the part of the mainstream media whores and their pandering sycophants over the use by local radio talk-show host Mark Belling of the term 'wetback' on his October 27th show. Belling didn't help his cause any when he poured gasoline on the fire when he couched his 42+ apologies with a great deal of sarcasm for the following week, prompting numerous protests outside the station calling for his removal. Consequently, Clear Channel - which owns WISN Radio, from which Belling broadcasts his show - pulled him off the air for a week and moved WABC's Sean Hannity into Belling's slot while they decided how to placate a noisy, albeit tiny minority calling for Belling's head on a platter. It wasn't until after Belling issued a seven-paragraph written apology in the local newspaper while off the air before things started getting back to normal.

Adding to a token element in the Hispanic community, government officials were passing 'resolutions' and 'proclamations' condemning Belling's use of the term as well. What a bunch of hypocritical lowlifes! Dollars to donuts says that if a background check were done and the truth be told, that the signers of the resolutions and proclamations of the bandwagon that was piling on Belling the last couple of weeks have all been guilty of using that term more than once themselves. However, unlike Belling - who is a strong believer in personal responsibility - these losers are not, so they look for a scapegoat, and in their depraved version of 'pin the tail on the donkey', they seemed to have picked on Belling, and to have done so at their peril. Sounds like a bunch of bored, liberal Democrats with way too much time on their hands if you ask me or just about anyone else with an IQ over 70.

While I haven't met Mark Belling personally - at least not yet - I am a regular caller into the show and have a good enough feel for the man, as to who he is and what he stands for; and in that respect, he and I are a lot alike in one regard: We don't take crap from anybody. And while some sponsors quietly dropped advertising from Belling's show, one sponsor - Carlson Wagonlit Travel - did not go quietly. These bozos made it a point to be very public in an effort to brownnose some token element in the community in exchange for free publicity. These moronic numbskulls fail to realize the publicity they are going to get out of it is going to give them a headache no amount of Excedrin is going to cure. Belling said in his show Monday that his wrath against them, their outlets, franchisees and their employees will go against them 'until he croaks', to which I give my wholehearted support.

Why? Because talk radio is about that - talk - and people should have the right to speak their mind without recrimination or reprisal. While sponsors have the right to withdraw their sponsorship whenever they want, they do not have the right to go on what amounts to a censorship drive as in Carlson Wagonlit's attempt to silence Belling without some kind of forceful response from Belling. Pathetic attempts by fringe elements within the Hispanic community such as Enrique Figueroa who directs the Roberto Hernandez Center at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee to permanently silence Belling will only hurt the very causes Figueroa seeks to advance - all in the name of furthering his 15 seconds of local fame. How is that? Unlike certain other conservatives, Belling supports - as do I - guest worker programs to allow for legal immigration to the United States from Mexico and other Central American countries, and Belling has been an advocate to that end. Removing him from the air would only set back that cause significantly, and I doubt Clear Channel or WISN would fire their cash cow, particularly when he took them from towards the bottom of the heap to #1 in the market with his bold, brash and winning style that has made him one of, if not THE top afternoon drive-time talk show host in the country. In all, Belling has made one mistake with the inappropriate of the 'w' word. For a career in Milwaukee that has spanned nearly 16 years, I'd say that was pretty darned good.

Now let's just leave the good man alone and let him do what he does best. ***

© 2004 Timothy Rollins

All writers retain rights to their work.

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