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In Memory of the Fallen (9-11-2001)The Norwegian Follies
by Jennifer King, Managing Editor

October 13, 2009

"The Heretical Housewife"

Managing Editor Jennifer KingThe awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama is yet another slap in the face to America by the pacifist Euroweenies who currently comprise the Nobel Committee. President Obama had been in office a grand total of 12 days when the nominations were closed - obviously proving that their intent was twofold - slapping down the despised George W. Bush while simultaneously hoping that the vacuous "hope and change" slogan would prove prophetic.

The committee, which in the past rewarded deserving recipients like Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa and Dr. Martin Luther King, has now completely devolved into parody. The slow slide has culminated in the awarding in 1994, of the Nobel to mass murderer and embezzler Yassar Arafat; in 2002 to the hapless anti-Semite and rabbit warrior Jimmy Carter; and in 2005 to the toothless and ineffectual Mohammad el-Baradei of the IAEA. Pacifism, not peace has become the goal. Could Neville Chamberlain or Vidkun Quisling perhaps receive a posthumous Nobel? Quisling, after all, has the qualification of being an actual Norwegian as well.

It's a shame that international Leftists are so engulfed in their fantasy world that they cannot see or appreciate the real peacemakers. How about the Cold War trio of Margaret Thatcher, Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan? While avoiding the holocaust of nuclear war, this triad brought about the end of the Soviet Union, thereby freeing all of Eastern Europe and emptying the gulags.

How about George W. Bush, who freed millions of Muslims from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and the Taliban? These actual accomplishments are always subsumed in the liberal rabbit hole world, where up is down and black is white. Espouse women's lib and gay rights? Embrace radical Islam, where women are burquaed, honor killed and clitidectomied and gays have brick walls thrown down upon them. Feel for minorities? Hug onto Papa Fidel's Cuba, where blacks are considered second class citizens and heavily discriminated against. Love the environment? Gee, keep the U.S. on global welfare by preventing us from responsibly using our own natural resources while ignoring China's hugely destructive Three Gorges Dam. Radical chic is still in, forty years after Tom Wolfe coined the phrase.

Yawn. Those Che t-shirts are so passé. Fortunately, the natives are restless. My formative years, like many of my compadres, were spent in the 1970s. The damage was already done, with blitzkrieg style attacks on traditional American ethics and values. Now, needed adjustments are in order. On September 12, 2009, we were "a million and a half strong", to paraphrase a song written while I was still a small child. My generation, baby.

We know our rights as Americans. We appreciate those who died for them. Sorry for the national embarrassment of the leftists in the 1960's. Sorry, Nobel Committee and President Obama. Too bad you're willing to devalue your easily awarded prize for the sake of political correctness. We're not giving up. Americans have always fought for freedom - and "my generation" will, as well. ***

© 2009 Jennifer King

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