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In Memory of The Fallen 9-11-2001THE GREATER THREAT
by Mark Cline, Guest Columnist

May 14, 2010

Mark Cline - Guest ColumnistEDITOR'S NOTE: Mark Cline is a friend of mine with whom I go back nearly 40 years. After reading one of my columns that was posted to TAP's Facebook page, he sent me a message, from which I asked him to submit a guest column. I hope you like it. - Timothy Rollins, Editor

Hi Tim!

I always enjoy reading the columns that you write, when they pop up on Facebook. I want to thank you for inviting me to write my thoughts about illegal immigration. As I begin my comments, I want to point out that I have no affiliation with any political party, nor am I interested in being affiliated with any. My interests are as they have been over the years; in running a small business and letting other folks manage the affairs of our Country. It seems to me that the biggest threat to the United States isn't the war on terror, but Illegal immigration. I am excited to see the State of Arizona take a stand on it.

I have thought it interesting, how over the last few years that all of our government agencies are reporting that they are bankrupt, but no one is willing to report that they are giving billions of dollars to people who aren't even American Citizens. Does anyone in their right mind believe that we just need to put up a bigger fence on the Mexican border? Does anyone really believe that a bigger fence would solve the problem, when every illegal immigrant knows that once they are in the country, they can get free medical care, free food and a free education for their kids? I have never thought of these as free services. I have thought of them as a service that we as taxpayers provide as a benefit to other citizens in need.

Over the last few years, I have noticed that Mexican Nationals have become bolder in telling me that the four U.S. Border States with Mexico belong to Mexico and that the day will come when they will be part of Mexico again. I have also heard comments about the complacency of the "white man" and how the United States doesn't have the guts to stop them. I have watched the news as promoters of illegal immigration have staged protests in our major cities and had millions of protesters turn out. Over these last few years, I have wondered if the sleeping giant is going to wake up and put a stop to this invasion, because I, along with other people I have talked to, no longer think that it is just a bunch of people looking for a better life. We are being invaded and once they think that they have the strength in numbers they plan to change the United States as we know it.

As a young man, in the 1980's, I chose to work in one of the construction trades. Over the last 25 years, I have had some experiences related to illegal immigration, either directly or indirectly. In the mid 1980's, it was common for immigration agents to raid construction sites. They would show up and chase Hispanic men around the job site, handcuff them and take them away. Some of those men would be back in a week and some we would never see again. In the late 1980's several of the men I worked with, as well as myself lost our jobs, because the company we worked for failed. Why? Because they were unable to compete with the companies that were using illegal labor, and pay us the wages that we were getting. The competition was paying their men less than half the wage we were getting and many times paying them cash. Most of my co-workers were Viet Nam Vets, and most of them lost their homes over the ordeal.

In my job search, I found that there was no hope of getting a job because the other companies were only hiring Hispanic people and I didn't speak Spanish. Shortly after that, I started my own business and hired some of the folks that I had worked with over the years. As a new business owner, I soon realized that I couldn't get the price I needed to be able to pay the wage we were getting a few years earlier, in addition to the taxes and insurance required by law. In the mid 1990's, I had a man that asked me for a job. I asked him for his Social Security Number. He handed me a Social Security Card that had a disclaimer on the back that said, "This is for entertainment purposes only." I was surprised to see this, so I called the INS to ask how I should handle it. The woman on the other end of the line told me, "What you need to do, Mr. Cline, is mind your own business." And then she hung the phone up on me.

From that day forward, I did just that. I minded my own business. If a man had a Social Security Card and wanted to work, I hired him and paid him the going rate regardless of race. Last year, I lost over $50,000 in business to other contractors who I am not able to compete with because they don't pay for insurance, nor do they pay taxes. I am told that they operate like this because they are illegal alien owned business and don't comply with Government regulations. Although I have been unable to verify it, I am also told that some of the businesses that operate as a minority-owned businesses and which are awarded contracts from government entities are illegal alien owned businesses as well. I have tried calling the IRS to report businesses that boast about not paying taxes, and they couldn't possibly act less interested.

I think that we as a country could put an end to this invasion not by spending millions more on border security or throwing more money at anything, but by saving billions of dollars, by cutting off the social programs like Welfare, WIC, Healthcare, and Public School for people who aren't United States Citizens, or legal permanent residents with valid green cards. We can't afford to do this anymore.

Go to an inter city public school and you wouldn't even know that you are in the United States. It should be a crime to use taxpayer dollars to provide health care, for other than life threatening situations, if that someone is not a United States Citizen. I believe that when someone who is in this country illegally shows up for these services, they should be treated with dignity and then taken back to their home country.

When an illegal alien is arrested, he should be given the opportunity to contact his family or the people he lives, with so that he can bring them with him when he is deported. If this approach were to be taken, many of the illegal aliens would go home on their own.

I personally know people who I think are here illegally. Many of them are good and talented people. To them I say, "We have taught you trades and professions and have been generous to you beyond that of our own people. Please take this back to your home countries and make them better places to live." ***

© 2010 Mark Cline

Mark Cline is a small business owner, living in the Dallas, Texas area. He has worked in the construction trades for the last 30 years, specializing in plaster finishes. His company has participated in restoration projects on prominent buildings in Dallas, like the Magnolia Building. He claims no political party affiliations, but recognizes the importance to participate in the democratic process and votes in every election he has the opportunity to participate in. ***

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