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by Timothy Rollins, Editor and Columnist

Tim shows how the jury wimping out in the Jodi Arias penalty phase of her murder trial did Lizzie Borden proud.

May 27, 2013

Timothy Rollins - Beneath the SurfaceMIRDER Victim Travis AlexanderAfter five years of pre-trial confinement since her 2008 arrest, 4½ months of her preening, narcissistic presence emblazoned on worldwide television, courtesy of CourtTV, Headline News and others--particularly that bottom-feeding gutter snipe Nancy Grace--the jury in the penalty phase of Jodi Arias' trial turned into a bunch of weeping pansies and failed to give Arias the 'hotshot' lethal injection she so richly deserves for the major-league 'hack attack' she inflicted on Travis Alexander (right) when she butchered him to death over five years ago in his Mesa home.

The jury turned out to be a bunch of wussies, pure and simple--politically correct pansies who lack the ability to punish a woman…that's all there is to it. We all know full well if Joel Arias stabbed Tammy Alexander 30 times, cut her throat from ear-to-ear, and then shot her in the head as an insurance round to make sure she was dead, the jury would've deliberated just long enough to order lunch, take a vote, and come back to the courtroom. When the judge asked them if they had a verdict, the foreman would've replied along these lines: "We have, Your Honor. He dies. We've done as the law requires in this portion of the trial; we now ask that you do yours. Thank you."

BUT…because the 'perp' or 'doer' in this case was a WOMAN, they went limp as a soaked noodle, and failed to fulfill their duty as jurors and unanimously impose the ultimate punishment on the ultimate narcissist for the ultimate crime. Simply put, these jurors were guilty of dereliction of duty in a case that under Arizona Law, clearly called for the death penalty, and Arias' gender should have been irrelevant, but they CHOSE to make it relevant for the same reason that they didn't want to be seen as perhaps 'executing their sister'. Arias indeed, would have done Lizzie Borden proud by any standard.

Keep this in mind, TV watchers: If Arias beats the needle, she might get out of prison one day, and given the horrific cruelty with which she slaughtered Travis Alexander, then NOBODY-especially men-will ever be safe. Don't get me wrong here. I'm opposed to the death penalty, unless the conviction is for terrorism or treason. However, Ms. Arias was tried in Arizona for Murder 1, and the jury convicted both on that charge, as well as found aggravating circumstances to exist in the commission of that crime…PLUS, this was a state issue, which falls under Tenth Amendment purview as it pertains to states' rights.

As such, this case is best handled as an internal Arizona matter, and the fact that Ms. Arias is female doesn't make her any less a convicted murderer than say, Charles Manson or anyone else. As this case highlighted, a woman or a child can kill you just as dead as a man, as also shown by the arrest of a 15-year-old boy in West Point, Utah for the stabbing deaths of his younger brothers-aged 10 and 4-just this past week.

The Arias case showed how Lady Justice had her blindfold forcibly ripped off by the media, the jury sucker-punched by publicity, and the same jury lacked the stones to have Arias put to death for crimes Arizona law not only called for, but screamed and, in fact, begged for.

The best bet for the lead prosecutor should be, and must be, to have the new penalty phase jury sequestered-for the duration-lest they be contaminated, possibly compromised, otherwise tainted by publicity, and possibly blown away, in order that the Alexander family receive the justice to which they are ENTITLED, and to which the world needs a message publicly sent that cases, to the greatest extent possible, must not be tried in the media, regardless of the temptation to do so.

As for Arias, the new jury must look at the evidence, see her for the narcissistic self-absorbed killer she is, and see if she deserves to be strapped to a gurney and get a hotshot as a parting gift…a potassium chloride cocktail that Arizona allows, and mandates for what Dennis Miler once described-and I'm paraphrasing here-as "the worst of the cream of the curdled crop, the ones whose crimes are so virulent, so creative, and so original, that their continued presence on the planet constitutes an insult to the rest of us."

That is, only if the jury will have the stones to go actually through with it. ***

EDITOR'S NOTE: With the Memorial Day weekend upon us, it should come as no surprise that the false Gods of political correctness will prevail and gutlessness and social irresponsibility will win, thus rewarding an evil murderess for her criminal actions. In other words, the District Attorney's Office in this case will take the death penalty off the table in this case--all in the name of his own cowardice--and because of their own stupidity in allowing this case to have been tried in the media, the chances of being able to empanel a second penalty phase jury is at this point, next to ZERO, if not less than zero already. ***

© 2013 Timothy Rollins

A veteran freelance writer, Timothy Rollins brings a wealth of political and military experience dating back more than three decades. He is a freelance writer and policy analyst living in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada who has been featured both on television and radio. He has appeared both in online publications as well as in print newspapers in the United States such as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA TODAY, the Deseret News in Salt Lake City, and also in Canada, where he has appeared in The Toronto SUN and the Daily Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His television appearances include The Michael Coren Show in Canada and KWTV 9 NEWS in Oklahoma City. The views expressed here by Mr. Rollins are his own and do not represent the official views of any organization or entity with which he may otherwise be affiliated. As such, Mr. Rollins alone takes full responsibility for them. He can be reached by e-mail at rollins@american-partisan.com. ***

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