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Bloomfield, New York

The American Partisan (TAP) announces the following:

THE ONLINE EXPERIMENT CONTINUES WITH INCREASING SUCCESS! - Online journalism promised to, if you'll allow me some Marxist paraphrasing, liberate the means of production and allow everyone an equal voice. Freed from having to cover the enormous expenses of distribution, anyone talented enough to put a web page up could be assured in the fact that their voice could be heard if anyone else cared to listen.

Of course, online journalism is journalism regardless of the delivery system and it carries expenses like hardware, software, hosting, bandwidth and services. Since we're not Slate we don't have Bill Gates to cover them for us. TAP has reached what I consider to be a critical point in its history. The expenses associated with this enterprise are becoming overly burdensome, and the expenses have been borne solely by the publisher in addition to his other ongoing expenses outside of the magazine.

If you like TAP and want to help make it work, we'd appreciate your support at whatever level you feel comfortable with. Very few online operations are making a successful go at it and the media old guard don't think we can. We'd like to prove them very wrong.

TAP has set up an account with the PayPal system, an organization of 15 million people who use a unique, innovative and completely safe system to transfer money. How much you give is up to you. Regardless of how this campaign works, TAP will continue to occupy what I hope is a unique place on the web: a place where ideas can be explored and new voices can be heard. If you decide to donate we thank you for your valuable support. If you do not donate, don't feel you have to stop reading the magazine. We want you here regardless.

So what will we use the money for? The money will be primarily used to cover the main expenses of TAP which are hosting and related charges. If there's enough money left over, it will be used to upgrade some of the onsite services software and if this appeal is especially successful I hope to be able to pay myself and the writers for their generous contributions of material.

You may even want to be a full-scale sponsor of the web site and we would certainly appreciate it. Along with my eternal gratitude and the maintenance and expansion of TAP, I would also like to acknowledge you by setting up a page on the web site, listing our supporters. If you give more than $100 a year, you'll be listed as a Bronze Sponsor. If you give more than $500, you'll be listed as a Silver Sponsor and if you decide to give more than $1,000, you'll be listed as a Gold sponsor.

To donate money, visit www.paypal.com here. If you are not an existing PayPal user, you will have to go through a quick sign-up process.

You can also "subscribe" to TAP and make regular donations every month using PayPal. Simply click the button below.






Please note, TAP is not a nonprofit corporation under either American or Canadian law and therefore any money donated to TAP is not tax-deductible.

Thank you.

Timothy Rollins

The original text for this notice was written by Steve Martinovich of Enter Stage Right, for which we thank him. It has since been modified by Timothy Rollins.


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