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14 September 1999


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In light of the incidents of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia and United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania, as well as others subsequent to that date involving some of our staff here at The American Partisan (TAP), we are posting on our cover page what has been TAP's long-standing policy about e-mails sent to anyone associated with our magazine. Please read it very carefully. While we enjoy humor as much as the next person, we are not joking on this matter of concern.

Letters threatening physical harm to staffers will be forwarded to FBI Deputy Director Tom Pickard, who is heading the PENTTBOM investigation at the Special Information and Operation Center in Washington.


We remember with thanks and gratitude those participating in or supporting Operations "Enduring Freedom," "Infinite Justice," and "Noble Eagle."


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TAP's Featured Columnists
THE IOWA HORSE RACE CONTINUES - How Michele Bachmann's ineptitude and incompetence has clearly shown yet again that she was never qualified to make a serious run for the highest office in the land. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
THE THEOCRATIC HORROR STATES OF AMERICA - With Mitt Romney's religion having been headlined in the news over the weekend, you just KNOW that Tim was going to jump into the fray - which he did, and here he is. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
THE TORCH OF LIBERTY IS ALIVE AND WELL - Tim introduces us to RJ Harris, a Libertarian candidate for the Presidency of the United States. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
It's The Constitution, America! - Tim rings in the New Year getting back to his roots as an Equal Opportunity Offender by reminding everyone that when bad law gets ruled unconstitutional, it's usually because legislators advancing their own 'social causes' failed to first check America's Owner's Manual - the Constitution. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
THE TYRANNICAL STATES OF AMERICA - With molestation and body-groping the latest in TSA's stock-and-trade, Tim points out just how out-of-control these people have become in their total disregard both for the Constitution and for the Law - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
The Progressive Lebensraum - Michael Moriarty argues that the same kind of moral justifications used in justifying slavery and Nazism are being used to prop up abortion. - by Michael Moriarty
Attacks On Arizona Are Attacks On America - From President Obama's perspective, protecting the interests of Americans who have seen their lives and property decimated by nothing less than an invasion of foreigners is somehow tantamount to a treasonous attack on the nation. - by Christopher Adamo
DIVIDE AND CONQUER - Tim shows us how President Obama manipulates the media and uses White Guilt to turn the Constitution on its head in fulfilling his vision for an American USSR. - by Timothy Rollins, Editor
UT Senator Bob Bennett ousted from GOP primary to due TARP support; will McCain be next? - From Intellectual, Rachel reminds us that with Bennett's ouster last weekend, McCain becomes an even more expendable commodity, now that challenger J.D. Hayworth has closed the gap to within five points. - by Rachel Alexander, Legal Analyst
Progressive Hysteria - In the wake of the Times Square almost-bombing', Michael looks at how 'progressives' are sounding nervous and defensive, given that their hopes for two terms of Obama are dimming. - by Michael Moriarty
Global Gulag: The Real Threat to National Security - From 2006, we are reminded of the increasing threat our national security faces in dealing with those who want large numbers of Americans dead - and in short order. - by SARTRE (James Hall from the Right)
ANIMAL ACTIVISTS, SHUT UP! - Staff Sergeant Sylver is the pen name we at TAP have assigned to an American military man currently engaged in the Southwest Asia Theater of Operations. Today, he looks at how servicemen and women take time from the rigors of war to care for and adopt wounded animals. - by Staff Sergeant Sylver, Guest Columnist
'Clarion Call' Has a 'Major Malfunction', Indeed - J. Edward returns from a three-year absence with questions to ask of an old friend. - by J. Edward Tremlett
Fort Hood and Remembering the Snipers - In the second half of a double-header, Ed looks back to last week's massacre at Fort Hood and the since-carried-out execution of John Allan Muhammad, the Beltway sniper from 2002. - by J. Edward Tremlett
Radical Reactionary: What It Means to be a Radical - From 2005, we bring you this classic article on what it means to be a radical and how that definition has both stayed the same and changed through time. - by SARTRE (James Hall from the Right)
Can Republicans Pander Their Way Into Leadership? - "The 2010 mid-term congressional races could easily become a rout of the left, with heartland America energized and active as it has not been in nearly two decades. According to current trends and polling data, next year's races are nearly guaranteed to go decidedly to the right." Chris looks at the changes in the American political landscape - by Christopher Adamo
Profoundly Unserious - Jennifer looks at Democrat posturing at Coretta Scott King's funeral, and how ex-president Jimmy Carter, who railed against President Bush at the funeral, is in fact the architect behind the current Middle East powder keg. - by Jennifer King, Managing Editor
Robinson is Also Not Wright for America - Rachel analyzes Obama's counterweight from the Inauguration with the appearance of openly gay Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, the man who left his wife and children for another man. - by Rachel Alexander, Legal Analyst
Claiming The Middle - With a new President, James reminds us that our country is best governed from the middle. - by James Hall, Senior Associate Editor
The Day We Came to Town - A Love Letter to the People of Gander, Newfoundland - In a re-run of a TAP EXCLUSIVE and her first article in some time, Lisa shares with us her firsthand experience of spending four days in Gander, Newfoundland as her TWA flight from Paris to St. Louis was diverted on the morning of 9-11. - by Lisa Woerly
Fairy Tale Endings - Karen takes a closer look and reminds us that the 'happily ever after' we dreamed of a child is not as far away as we think. - by Karen Beth Pike
Twenty-Four Years Later, It’s 'Star Wars' to the Rescue - Vinny looks closer at how the vision of President Ronald Reagan and his commitment to the Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars") has made us a safer, stronger nation. - by Vincent Fiore
Study Proves Dog Owners are Lonely People - Carole shares with us recent findings that shed a whole new light on the 'marketing' of pets as 'companions' - especially for the frail and elderly. - by Carole Wade
Is It Election Day, Yet? - Linda asks this question in much the same way our children ask, "Are we there yet?", especially in light of the way the mainstream press are quick to make much of John Kerry's 'heroic' Vietnam service and so little of Bob Dole's service in World War II. - by Linda Prussen-Razzano, Dallas Bureau Chief
U.S. Mayors Request Funding For A Police State[?] - The U.S. Mayors Conference was held last month, and take a look at the wish lists the mayors were piling in... - by Dave Gibson

GOP Riveted By McCain's Momentum - Carol looks at the GOP infighting that has come with seeking the nomination for President of the United States in 2008. - by Carol Devine-Molin, Associate Editor

Profoundly Unserious - Jennifer looks at Democrat posturing at Coretts Scott King's funeral, and how ex-president Jimmy Carter, who railed against Presdient Bush at the funeral, is in fact, the architect behind the current Middle East powder keg. - by Jennifer King, Managing Editor
No Politics in the Pub - "Even a professional opinion-monger ought to have his limits. Everywhere I go, it seems that I am accosted by pamphleteers, protestors and partisans. They are upper-middle-class college students with axes to grind masquerading as unduly obnoxious panhandlers. I don’t think the government ought to wipe them off the face of the planet, McCain-Feingold style, but it wouldn’t hurt if they developed some manners." See what Jim means in his latest column about people who go beyond acceptable limits! - by W. James Antle III
Bill Clinton Opens a Liar's Library - Bob looks at the opening last week of the Bill Clinton library/double-width trailer in Little Rock. - by Robert Yoho, Senior Editor
Why Courting the Black Vote Won’t Work - In her newest column, LaShawn reminds us that GOP leaders and candidates need to do more than just drop in at church services if they want to capture the hearts and minds of black Americans. - by La Shawn Barber
One Man, One Woman - In a column reposted from The Wall Street Journal, Mitt Romney discusses how the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's ruling on gay marriage is wrong, and how we in other states can take steps where we live. - by Governor Mitt Romney (R-MA)
APOCALYPSE NOW: Al-Qaeda Reigns in Spain - "The Spanish election results are reverberating around the world, and the realization is setting in that the implications are disastrous -- not only for Spain, but for all of Europe, for the war on terror, and perhaps for the very survival of western civilization. Mass murderers have won an easy victory of staggering proportions. And any hope of coping with its effects will first require a realistic assessment of the damage that has already been done and where it is likely to lead -- all weighed in the context of the sobering lessons of history." - by Murray Soupcoff, The Iconoclast with R. Bastiat
The Power to Tax - "Many members of Congress today, including members in both parties, have lost sight of the purpose behind the congressional power to tax. Congressmen, as elected representatives of the people, are supposed to insure that tax money is properly allocated and not squandered. Taxpayers have a right to expect that they are getting their money's worth." See Chuck's analysis of how Congress routinely abuses that power in his latest! - by Chuck Morse
Nothing to fear but Intolerance - "I fear that our society has retreated from the ideas of its founders (like Franklin, Jefferson and Madison) and into the grasp of its self appointed experts and authorities." See what Mike is driving at in his latest thought-provoking column! - by Mike Madias
The Real John F. Kerry - "Many might be surprised to learn that it is Kerry, not Dean, who has the most liberal credentials of the Democratic dwarves still running for President. His voting record is considerably to the left of such well-known comparative centrists as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH). ... According to the January 26, 2004 edition of The Washington Times, Kerry has voted against virtually every major defense program ever proposed during his 20-year tenure in the US Senate." This article originally appeared on the Center for the National Security Interest web site and is reposted with permission. - by David T. Pyne, Esq.
September Tenthers - Jennifer examines how the events of 9-11 are unlike Pearl Harbor in that unlike December 7th where the nation came together and stayed that way until the common enemy was defeated, September 11th only silenced the president's critics for a few days and now their unrelenting loathing and hatred is back even stronger than ever. See Jennifer's most explosive column so far this year in her latest look at partisan backstabbing and bickering among a bunch of wannabes who clearly fail to measure up. - by Jennifer King, Managing Editor
SIXTY YEARS AGO ... January - February 1943 - In their first look at World War II since the death of Joe Foss in January, Jennifer and Tim take a look at key events in January and February of 1943 and will continue to look at pivotal events throughout 1943 as they resume their look at World War II 60 years later in their "Reflections on World War II" series. First of Two Parts. - by Jennifer King and Timothy Rollins
Families and the War - Dianna and Glenn examine the issue of how the impending war against Iraq might land our troops called to active duty in trouble when they return home from the war over child support issues. Dianna and Glenn outline the issue in this, their latest column! - by Dianna Thompson and Glenn Sacks
DRIVING SEÑORA DAISY - Nathan shows how even liberals are repulsed by the hypocrisy of Gov. Gray Davis and Lt. Gov Cruz Bustamente (D-CA) in granting driver's licenses to illegal aliens - this, despite prior vetoes on at least TWO occasions and both of them having repeatedly spoken out against the very legislation they later signed into law. -by Nathan Poole
BUSH AND IRAQ - 2002 - In its first Official Editorial, The American Partisan calls upon President Bush to properly follow the Constitution in engaging in hostilities against Iraq. - by The Executive Committee of The American Partisan
THEOLOGICAL THOUGHTS: The Final Exam - In our opener, we turn to the popular TV show "South Park" to get the answer to a question that many seem to ask about religion. This requires Windows Media Player and is available HERE at NO CHARGE. - sent in by Timothy Rollins, Editor
CYNICS CORNER - No Wonder They Think He's An Idiot! - Sent in by a reader, this gem shows President Bush in a photo op that was not quite properly set up. - sent in by Terri Wills
Call to Duty Spells Child Support Woes - In her debut solo column, Dianna Thompson points out how even in time of war, the state continues to go after non-custodial parents - even as they are fighting in the war on terrorism. See how far things have gone out of whack in Dianna's masterpiece in a TAP EXCLUSIVE !! - by Dianna Thompson
Special & Guest Contributors

More Spending is Always the Answer - From his latest edition of "Texas Straight Talk", Congressman Paul calls the idiocy of raising the debt ceiling for what it is. - by The Honorable Ron Paul, M.D., Member of Congress (R-TX - 14th District)
'Temporary Refugees' Never Go Home - Through his association with WorldNetDaily, the former Congressman reminds is how these temporary refugees' usually never go home when their reason for being in America has expired. - by The Honorable Tom Tancredo, Member of Congress (R-CO - 6th District - 1999-2009)
Is Justin Bieber in Danger? - In his latest appearance on a TAP link to WorldNetDaily, Chuck Norris looks at the crushing national debt that will be left behind for not only singing sensation Justin Bieber to deal with, but also others of his generation as well. See what Chuck has top say about it in his latest WorldNetDaily exclusive commentary! - by Chuck Norris

A Tale of Two Kingdoms - Pat reminds us that there are two kingdoms in the world; one tangible and visible, and the other intangible and spiritual. Making the case for the validity of both, Boone reminds us that they are inextricably connected and how they overlap and interract continually. - by Pat Boone

Man with the Reverse-Midas Touch - Ilana looks at how unlike Midas' golden touch, everything President Obama either gets behind, or reaches out to, turns to lead...or worse. - by Ilana Mercer
Is the Republican Party Going RINO Hunting? - Bobby shows us how the GOP leadership is awaking from its slumber of moderation - by Bobby Eberle. Ph.D., President and CEO, GOPUSA
Not a Terrorist Attack? - OpinioNet and Publisher Tom Barrett joins the chorus of others disputing the 'official party line' that claimed the Fort Hood Massacre 'was not a terrorist attack.'. - by Tom Barrett
The Walking Wounded - In his latest column, Michael shares with us his vulnerability into the category of people who have suffered minor mental health problems. See how he is like so many others in his latest! - by Michael Coren, Columnist, Sun Media
Roe Babies and Reagan Babies - Hans examines the issue of abortion and how Americans feel about it now and 25 years ago when President Reagan first took office from Jimmy Carter. What he found will surprise and delight you. - by Hans Zeiger, Contributing Columnist, GOPUSA
Will Al Qaeda Trade Box Cutters They Used in 2001 for Nuclear Missiles in 2009? - With a new president in office, Mary asks the ONE QUESTION many think, but none dare ask aloud. - by Mary Mostert, Publisher, Banner of Liberty
The Other Quagmire in Iraq - With the mounting casualties of reporters in Iraq, Rachel examines the real 'quagmire' that exists in Iraq at present. - by Rachel Marsden, Contributing Columnist
Is Pet Ownership is Destroying the Lives of Americans? YES! - An Overview - With the release of her book by the same name. Carole gives us an overview of her three years of research and preparation and what she learned in that time. Now available in paperback! - by Carole Wade
Thanksgiving Gut Check On Immigration - Doing Nothing Is Doing Something - Wrong - "Immigration is a gut check because the price of policy is paid in tears. Stark choices cause pain. Who stays and who goes means selecting whose dreams are destroyed, whose home is emptied, whose security is threatened with life and death decisions. The immigrant and the native born American share every hard choice. We are two sides of the same coin. Homeland Security is purchased at the price of desperate, hard-working, one-time lawbreaking families, or not?" - by James Atticus Bowden, Contributing Columnist
Wht It Does Not Matter If We Find No WMDs In Iraq - Esther makes her case against the naysayers as to why it matters not whether actual WMDs are found in Iraq, as the important thing was the removal of Saddam Hussein, the repression of thug regimes elsewhere and the keeping away from those of Husseins's stripe actual weapons of mass destruction. - by Esther Hartstein
Exploited After Death - In his debut column with TAP, periodic contributor Michael Coren of Sun Media looks into the deaths of Laci and Connor Peterson and asks "Where's the compassion for a woman and her son?" - by Michael Coren, Columnist, Sun Media
Liberal Orthodoxy fails in flyoverland - In his debut as a guest contributor, Gary Larson shows how the venom of the Paul Wellstone 'memorial'/rally backfired and went to show the Democrats that liberal thinking does not fly well in the nation's hearltand. - by Gary Larson, Guest Contributor
Big Bucks Being Spent in the Buckeye State - In his debut guest column, Marc Schare of Columbus, Ohio shows us how taxes have risen steadily under both Democratic and Republican rule in Ohio and that this is a trend both regionally and nationally. See more in his his first offreing at the table! - by Marc Schare, Guest Contributor
Another Lesson From the Left-Coast - In a guest article, Raymond discusses the fiscal crisis and downgrading of California's financial stability by virtue of its deficit spending. - - by Raymond Green
“President Kerry” And The War - Brian's analysis of how a "President Kerry" could handle the war shows us that it could only be disastrous. See for yourself in his latest! - by Brian W. Peterson
A Personal Hell - Lori shares with us the experience of a friend going through the personal hell of domestic violence and the general ineffectiveness of restraining orders and the legal system. - by Lori Cutshall
Tinseltown Tarnish - M.C. Green shows just how much the once-powerful influence of Tinseltown is now tarnshing the campaigns of political candidates. - by M.C. Green, Guest Contributor
GOP Rolls, Dems Routed! - OpinioNet Editor-at-Large Bob Webster takes a good look at the midterm election just ended and how it was a complete reinforcement of confidence of President Bush a complete repudiation of former President Bill Clinton. - by Bob Webster, Editor-at-Large, OpinioNet
Keeping Our Children Safe - In a guest article, Melissa Kelly takes a look at her fears when Samantha Runnion turned up dead in California and looked at how New York addresses the issue of sex offenders. What she found shocked her. - by Melissa Kelly, Guest Columnist
It's Time to Roast the Pig - Pork barrel spending by our federal government - Reagan founder Seth Weathers takes to task the pork barrel spending of the Feds in Washington. - by Seth Weathers

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