The American Partisan looks for five things in receiving articles for publication:


This guide has been put together for the benefit of those looking to write guest articles for The American Partisan. In your initial articles, try to keep them brief, concise, cohesive and to the point - also, try not to exceed 750 - 800 words where possible. The objective is to capture the reader's attention and get your message across to them without belaboring the point to death. Following these guidelines will make us much more likely to publish your work.

The last thing we want is something that is OLD NEWS. We are not looking for something on Elian Gonzales; he is back in Cuba, and the story there is now over; what we are looking for is a fresh approach to anything going on in the here and now. However you look at it, chances are that while there is someone out there that may disagree with you, there are also people that will agree with you as well.

We also want something that is well thought out and researched that you can use to back your opinion with - after all, anyone of us can run off with the mouth when it comes to having or giving an opinion. Remember: It is how you defend your opinion that gives it its value.

Something to keep in mind as well is that should you have two columns published, we will consider the possibility of having you join TAP as a regular columnist on a schedule that is agreeable to you. Those candidates will be considered by our Executive Committee, and a two-thirds vote is required before an offer is extended. There are exceptions to this rule; however, they are almost always limited to published authors and recognized experts in specific fields.

To aid in your efforts in writing a piece suitable for publication in TAP, here is a style guide that is used effectively, (see the navigation bar appearing in the right hand column). You can also click here to begin or use the menu on the right side of this page.

NOTE: This style guide was originally drafted by Jeremy Lott, former Managing Editor for the American Partisan. It has since been modified by Timothy Rollins.

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