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- Pre-Business Major, Utah State University, Logan, Utah 1979-1981
- Majored in Business Management, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah 1982-1984

Military Service:

- Battalion Legal Chief, United States Marine Corps 1976-1979
- Administrative Specialist, Army National Guard, 1987-1991

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What people are saying about Tim Rollins:

"Passionate! No doubt where he stands on the issues!"
- Linda Williamson, former Editor, Toronto SUN

"Tim's assessment of today's political and social issues is refreshingly frank and astoundingly on-target!"
Jon Dougherty, Reporter/Columnist, WorldNetDaily

Timothy Rollins
Editor & Columnist | trollins (at) american dash partisan dot com

Policy Analyst on Government and Military Concerns, specializing in Defense, Homeland Security, National Security Matters and Foreign Policy Issues, with subspecialties in Public Policy and Political Strategy.

Timothy Rollins is a columnist as well as Editor of The American Partisan. He has been described by some of his friends as a New Yorker with attitude - both barrels blazing and a completely in-your-face personality. He took over as Editor and Publisher of The American Partisan Magazine (TAP) in July 2001, after being a columnist with TAP and Senior Editor with TAP's predecessor, RIGHT Magazine.

He also authored a well received three-part series in USA Journal Online in 1998 on the inconsistent application of the death penalty in Texas through prosecutions by private lawyers which he felt circumvented accountability to the people through duly elected district attorneys. In October 2002, he debuted his first (and so far only) political cartoon in The American Partisan. Next to his family, writing is one of his greatest passions and a common complaint among those who know him is that he spends too much time at the keyboard. A movie buff, his favorite comedy of the 1980's would easily have to be Rodney Dangerfield's "Back to School", and his favorite movie of all time would have to be the 1946 Frank Capra classic "It's A Wonderful Life" with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

Always one step ahead of the rest, Tim got his start in politics very early. He started out campaigning for Richard Nixon in 1972 as the youngest staffer in the office (age 13) and quite possibly in the country. It was there he developed his political bearings rather quickly. His political leanings are generally conservative with a strong support for the right-to-life as well as the right to keep and bear arms. At times, he has targeted even some conservative politicians for what he describes as "selling out the American people". Following high school, he went off to serve in, and subsequently became a veteran of, the United States Marine Corps, where he served both as an Administrative Clerk and as the Battalion/Group Legal Chief. Following his honorable discharge, Tim began his college education at Utah State University in Logan.

Tim's fiercely independent political philosophy cemented while in Logan, and especially when he transferred to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he realized his liberal college professors often had fatal flaws in the positions they took. Poking holes in their arguments became a sport for him, and it was there he realized an even greater need to be 'on his toes'; to be able to discern truth from the collegiate fiction of a bunch of academics who he feels - even now - often can't cut it in the real world; hence their residing in the halls of academia.

One of Tim's additional sports was pointing out to some of the more conservative locals the sheer lunacy of some of the positions they embraced, which had neither a legal nor a scriptural justification on which to base their flawed thinking, and that there needed to be more than just sheer emotion in forming a belief that would sustain one through life. As a practicing Mormon, Tim was seen as too conservative by his more liberal non-Mormon friends, and too liberal for many of his other friends. His favorite president by far is Ronald Reagan, who paved the way for the collapse of the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe which occurred on George H. W. Bush's watch (1989-1993).

After working in the private sector for a few years, Tim returned to military service, at first part-time, then full-time as a member of the Army National Guard's AGR (Active Guard/Reserve) Program, where once again, in his words, he "flew a desk". At first, he did so in an artillery battery, and then later in an aviation unit. It was there that his love of flying allowed him to realize the fulfillment of some of his dreams, which came to an end in 1990, following a serious injury from which he never fully recovered.

His column is titled "Beneath the Surface" because of what he feels is the almost always hidden - and often not-so-hidden - agenda of lawmakers and other politicians that often lies just beneath the proposals they claim will make America better. All too often, we find that the exact opposite occurs. In over 30 years of voting, he has voted for both Democrats and Republicans alike, thus not making him hard and fast in the way of party loyalty. The reason for this is because he votes on principles and not along party lines.

The 2006 midterm and 2008 presidential electoral bloodbaths sustained by the Republican Party were seen by Tim and many of his friends as the GOP getting their just desserts for their complete and abject failure to lead Congress in a decisive manner. Tim saw them as being too weak, too gutless, too pandering to a mainstream press that will never respect them, overly accomodating, and way too timid to stand up and fight for what is right. This comes as no surprise, given the lack of true Conservative direction in the GOP, which has devolved into nothing more than 'Geezers On Parade'. For that reason, Tim left the Republican Party after 34 years and now is registered as an Independent, while retaining his strong Conservative 'with a Capital C' bearings. As Tim has been known to say on more than one occasion: "The only opinions I trust instinctively are God's and my that order."

In addition to his work at TAP, he's also a contributing columnist with Intellectual Conservative, OpinioNet Magazine, The Patriotist and GOP USA. He also was Associate Editor for USA Journal Online and also has contributed to Covenant Syndicate where he broke onto the scene, Enter Stage Right, Femme Soul, Web Today, Real Mensch, Spin Tech Magazine, and has appeared in print in USA TODAY, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Deseret News (Salt Lake City, Utah), as well as the Toronto SUN and the Daily Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

A former policy analyst for the Center for the National Security Interest in Washington DC, he has appeared as a guest on Michael Coren LIVE in Toronto, Canada, was featured on Canada's #1 talk radio station CFRB 1010-AM and was called upon for expert analysis by National Public Radio during confirmation hearings of Attorney General John Ashcroft in January 2001. He also was contacted by C-SPAN in their closer look at online newspapers and magazines in early 2002.

His long-term professional ambition is to be a regular columnist for either The Wall Street Journal or another major American newspaper with a lead into syndication nationwide - or even better, a shot at a debate show on FOX News Channel, or both. But then again, who in this line of work wouldn't want that for themselves? And with faxes, e-mail and modems available, you have to ask in what other job could you have the luxury of working from home in a t-shirt and blue jeans?

Tim had his last 'recorded' birthday some time ago. A practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormons), he is the father of T. J. Rollins, TAP's mascot. He resides in the Greater Toronto Area of Canada. ***

© 2013 Timothy Rollins

Volunteer Experience

Mr. Rollins has served extensively in volunteer capacities throughout the United States and Canada. From 1999 through 2001, he served under the then-Clinical Director for a diversion program for domestic violence offenders. In addition, Tim has served in numerous capacities both through his Church, as well as through his community.

Professional Experiences

In the course of his career, Mr. Rollins has assisted in the revision of military flight training manuals, the development of bomb threat procedures and other anti-terrorist response measures. He has written numerous articles regarding the Global War on Terror, ranging from columns to professional journal pieces.

More than a One-Trick Pony

Mr. Rollins' experience and expertise goes far beyond mere politics and election campaigns, with which he has had his dominant experience. His offerings have included close-up looks at and proposals to revise criminal sentencing procedures, victims rights, voting reforms, and government reforms in general, with a focus on common-sense solutions, as well the periodic piece on baseball and other sports.

Honors and Awards

o Certificate of Achievement, Arizona Army National Guard, 1988
o Certificate of Superior Achievement, Arizona Army National Guard, 1989
o State of Colorado Military Honor Guard, 1990

Listed in:

o Outstanding Young Man of America, 1987
o Who's Who in America, 2005 (59th Edition)

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