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In Memory of The Fallen 9-11-2001CLARION CALL
by Timothy Rollins, Editor and Columnist

November 5, 2009

Timothy Rollins - Beneath the SurfaceIn what is the largest slaughter of American military personnel on home soil since 9/11, a gunman opened fire at the Soldier Readiness Center at Fort Hood, Texas today, killing (as of this writing) 11 people - including a civilian police officer - and wounding 31 others. The fatality count may possibly rise. What makes this an even more unspeakable evil is that the gunman was United States Army Major Nadal Malik Hasan, a traitor to the United States who, through his actions, showed himself to be an enemy of the people of the United States, and the way of life he pretended to defend. Should Hasan die, and there is an internment, I personally would like to piss on his grave; but with so many people ahead of me in line, I doubt I could hold it in that long.

Whether activated by a sleeper cell or using this as a means to avoid deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan is irrelevant. This man was an Army psychiatrist - a medical doctor - a healer - and if he had these fears and concerns, he should have quietly sought a way to resign his commission and go into private practice, where he could have been able to provide needed services in a society with a growing shortage of doctors, especially psychiatrists.

Whether acting alone or with others, this attack - against a specified target group - meets one of the standards of terrorism. So…if the FBI or others try to tell you or anyone else that this is not a terrorist attack, they're full of crap! Just ask the folks at the LAX ticket counter for El Al Airlines who survived their shooting seven years ago by a lone gunman - an Egyptian under a US deportation order - until, of course, an El Al security agent executed him. Los Angeles Mayor Jim Hahn's denial of terrorism in this incident helped ensure his doomed reelection bid.

If there's any remaining doubt these fanatical betrayers of Islam present a clear and present danger to the safety, well-being and national security of the United States, that doubt evaporated around 1:30 p.m. Central Time today. As my friend and colleague Jennifer King previously said, these people are "every bit as barbaric, fanatical and bent on world domination as the Nazis and the Japanese", and that "they will unhesitatingly kill every single American they can find, unless we kill them first."

What today's attack does is further strengthen the case for the honorable discharge of all Muslims from the United States Armed Forces, regardless of the degree to which they may adhere to their faith. In addition, all those of the Islamic faith in the United States should be rounded up and placed in internment camps as was done to Japanese-Americans during World War II, and for the same reason - namely their own safety, well-being and protection. This must be done as a protective, preventive measure, if nothing else.

Those disagreeing with said internment can be given the option behind Door #2, that being a one-way ticket to the Muslim nation of their choice that will accept them. If they happen to be American Citizens and choose to exercise this option, the host nation would first issue them a passport for travel, as those choosing this option would be required to sign documentation forfeiting their citizenship, that of their minor children, and bar them permanently from reentering the United States.

This mass slaughter also gives added cause to sealing the southern border with Mexico tighter than Florence, Colorado's Supermax Prison, and to have military armored divisions moved from Germany to the U.S.-Mexico border where they can have the sacred honor of defending our nation and repelling invaders of our homeland, especially those seeking to do us harm.

While the dust is still settling and everything starts getting sorted out with the usual deflections away from the truth that this administration is notorious for doing, there is no better time than now to improve the safety of our military, and this can best be done by enacting the Great Muslim Purge from our military and other national security apparatuses. These people need to be removed from every security post, even to be completely removed from all levels of government employment, be it federal, state, county, city or other municipality. This applies especially to universities. To keep them employed in these positions places our food, water, and other essential services at unacceptable risk.

And there is no better time than now to make this happen. ***

© 2009 Timothy Rollins


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© 2009 Timothy Rollins

A veteran freelance writer, Timothy Rollins brings a wealth of political and military experience dating back more than three decades. He is a freelance writer and policy analyst living in Oklahoma who has been featured on both television and radio. He has appeared both in online publications as well as in print newspapers in the United States such as the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, USA TODAY, the Deseret News in Salt Lake City, and also in Canada, where he has appeared in The Toronto SUN and the Daily Herald in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The views expressed here by Mr. Rollins are his own and do not represent the official views of any organization or entity with which he may otherwise be affiliated. As such, Mr. Rollins alone takes full responsibility for them. He can be reached by e-mail at rollins@american-partisan.com. ***

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