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Beneath the Surface
Comments on articles by Timothy Rollins

Commentary from Ilana Mercer
Comments on articles by Ilana Mercer

The Hand of Munger
Comments on articles by Dave Munger

The Heretical Housewife
Comments on articles by Jennifer King

The Holistic Republican
Comments on articles by Stephanie Herman

In Fly Over Country
Comments on articles by Diane Alden

Intentional Misunderstanding
Comments on articles by Bud Malmsten

Leaning Left
Comments on articles by James Hall

Moral Sense
Comments on articles by Lawrence Henry

Mr. Conservative
Comments on articles by Robert Yoho

Occam's Razor
Comments on articles by Lisa Woerly

A Reckoning Eye
Comments on articles by Eileen Ciesla

Rounding Third
Comments on articles by Radley Balko

Says Ey
Comments on articles by Carl Ey

Snafu of the Week
Comments on articles by Linda Razzano

Guest Commentary
Forum for comments on articles by columnists either not regularly appearing or for those new columnists without a forum yet created

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The American Partisan
Bulletin Board System

Wow!  What good, wholesome reading!The American Partisan Bulletin Board System (TAP BBS) is designed to create a forum for readers to comment on current articles they have read, ask the author's questions, or participate in a general discussion.

The individual forum names are named for the columns they represent.

TAP BBS is free for anyone to use. There are no passwords, logins, or email addresses required to use these services.

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Although we are not big on rules or anything, we do ask that you follow these guidelines (and read our "non-guidelines" in the right-hand column):

  • What Are You Talking About?
    When commenting on an article, please include the title of the article so everyone (including us) know what you are talking about!
  • All Comments Have Their Place
    Post comments in appropriate forums. In other words, if you want to comment on James Hall's latest article, go to James's forum. If you have just a general comment, go to general discussion.
  • The Worst Thing You Can Do
    Please do not spam or flame. That is very, very bad! We will hunt you down and make your life miserable if you do.

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To answer the question of proper conduct, here is what we don't care about:

  • Bad Language
    If you want to use potty language, go ahead. Just keep in mind when you do, you look like an idiot.
  • Political Philosophy
    Just like the American Partisan, we hope that our readers have some diversity among themselves as well.
  • Slamming Other Readers
    If someone posts something that you think is wrong, call them on it. Just keep in mind: aim at the article itself and the writer, other readers are a bit more sensitive!
  • Slamming the American Partisan
    If you hate our guts, tell us about it! Just post your anti-TAP items in the General Discussion.

Tips On How to Post

We realize that not everyone is a techno-moron, but bear with us:

  • Getting There
    To get to any forum, you can do so by entering the main BBS itself (CLICK HERE) OR going to ANY article and find the "Join the Debate" box.
  • I'm There, Now What?
    You will see a title of the current discussion taking place. You can click on the title to see the latest and comment further. Simply fill in the form fields and click "Post." OR, you can click the "Add Topic" button and start your own discussion!
  • What Can't I Post?
    We frankly don't care what you post in the forum (with the exception of spam). It need not be nice, civil or polite. Get mad! Create controversy!

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